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  1. You must always have a backup of everything. They will always wait for a PA to make a run to get a new camera body, but heaven forbid that production has to wait on sound.
  2. I used Neumanns with a VdB 48 v cable to Audio Ltd xmttrs. Worked great.
  3. traut

    HHB Dat

    I used two HHBs for several years, often in extreme environments with very few problems.
  4. I was told the reason Schoeps crackle when humid is the lacquer that is the insulation on the wires in the capsule develop hairline cracks and enough moisture can cause a short.
  5. I used 184, 185, 81 & 82 for years with never a humidity problem. My Schoeps on the other hand.............
  6. The original Location Sound Services was owned by John Glascock. When John closed up shop, Dick Sr. asked if he could use the name. The rest is history.
  7. I have a friend who has an ex Le Mans Lola that he converted to a camera car that can easily exceed 200 mph.
  8. I climbed up a rope ladder onto a ship underway with a 4.2 over my shoulder and a boom in my left hand. It was even scarier descending!
  9. I use BST25 in 216 MHz with phase right antenna. Excellent range. Granted, sound isn't great, but good enough. Client and agency are not worthy of IFB's, considering the way they treat them. Cheers!
  10. I use headphone out. Perhaps either a cable or camera setting problem? Cheers! I use headphone output with no problems. Cheers!
  11. Hi Jeff, When I made the switch to DAT, I went with the HHB. Heard too many Stella and Fostex horror stories. Gary used to boom for me and he told me about a horror day with you on top of a process trailer when you finally figured out the reason the Stella kept popping out of record was because the sun would hit a sensor inside the machine! I chose Cantar when I went HD and was very happy. Do you remember the Sony WM-D6 Pro with 60Hz sync? I rigged 3 for John Glascock to be strapped on Arri SR's that would auto roll when the camera did for a doc he did on the Yangtze River in the 80's. Cheers and thanks for your site. Traut
  12. BST-25, 216 MHz with Phase Right antenna yields excellent range and sounds pretty good.
  13. Antoine was a wild man! He stayed with us for a few days in LA in the late 80's. I wonder where he is now? Cheers!
  14. Hi Mike, Kish gave me a tour a few years ago. Their facility was less than 1,00 square feet! Perhaps they have expanded. I love my Audio Ltds, and they are all for sale as I retired about a month ago. Cheers!
  15. traut

    14 hour day

    I have always been paid OT after 10 hours, except when I was doing docs for Cousteau and Nat Geo, which I was happy to do as that is the nature of the beast.
  16. I am not sure, but I seem to remember that if you open the machine, there is a switch to choose D, P or T on the mic preamp cards.
  17. I mix commercials and have a good relationship with most of my directors. If I have a problem, I go to them. Problem solved.
  18. Hi Mike, I worked for Cousteau 1998-2004? Mostly with JMC, but went to Antarctica with JYC for 3 weeks. Wonderful memories. Cheers, Mate! Traut Hi Mike, I worked with Cousteau 1998-2004? Mainly with JMC. Went to Antarctica with JYC. Wonderful memories. Cheers, Mate! Traut
  19. Sela was the way most of us rolled in the old days. NEVER remove the motor housing. The motor is over magnetized and removing it will affect the efficiency of the motor, resulting in increased battery drain! Probably 50/50 mono vs IV-STC. Then DAT, now Cantar. Mics didn't evolve as much as RF did.
  20. Firemen wear a lot of gear. No one will notice an exposed lav.
  21. Happy New Year to you, Crew! You have no foes.
  22. Look like the knobs Bruce used on his mixer!
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