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  1. Pretty sure post still uses a 2 pop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2-pop
  2. If I remember correctly, that menu is an output gain adjustment so "+4" means it is adding 4dB of gain to the output rather than providing a 4dBu reference level. The mixpre outputs are a nominal -10dBV so adding 4dB gets you to around -3.78dBu. You should make that setting about +12 which will get you pretty close to outputting 4dBu.
  3. I'll provide a different perspective in that I doubt the lav was overloaded. You can test this by providing the same SPL to the mic and then adjust the transmitter gain down to see if the distortion goes away. My experience has been that "neverclip" in a transmitter is a bit misleading and gives a false sense of security. It's different from a recorder in that you don't have a fader to pull down that signal to fit into the 24 bit word. It's still going to clip.
  4. The video guy should feed the monitors live from his switcher so there’s no delay needed. Then when they ask for playback he switches to the Qtake output. Also are you feeding audio to his cart and getting a return?
  5. At this point, I'd consider that the problem isn't with the MKH50 but elsewhere in the signal chain. I've heard that kind of noise before when it was a poor quality phantom power supply. Do you have an external phantom power box you could add in line? Or another mic you could try and see if the noise is still on the recording? You could also try cleaning the hot shoe contacts between the camera and accessory.
  6. Make sure the allen screws on the body of the mic are all snug. They make contact with a grounding strip that helps keep noise out.
  7. I had trouble with one of those dc-dc converter modules before where it worked fine with an alkaline battery but didn’t like an iPower. The best I could come up with was related to the load provided by the internal impedance of the battery. Inserting a 10 ohm resistor in line with the iPower made it work but was obviously wasteful in terms of power efficiency. Maybe experimenting with the load the converter sees could be helpful.
  8. All BNC connectors manufactured to current specs will mate non-destructively. Sound Devices and all cameras I’ve bothered to check use 75 ohms for TC. But to reiterate what everyone else said, at the lengths we typically use it doesn’t matter.
  9. Perfectly fine to use as a transmit antenna. You'll experience more range in the forward direction but less range when off axis. Just got to remember to point it where you want it.
  10. The MixPre-3 does have an 1/8" stereo line level output. When first released, it was consumer line level but a later firmware update allowed gain adjustment for the output so you can bump it up to pro line level or even hotter.
  11. If you really want to run the headphone signal analog, just take two line outs for the run and have a headphone amp near you. But in the case of the A&H, one of their ME personal monitoring systems would be more elegant. You'd still have to mix from an iPad though. Why are you wanting the mixer in the stagebox rather than a real mixer setup?
  12. Most any generic USB wired keyboard should work just fine. I don't think bluetooth would work because there's no OS to manage the dongle. But an infrared wireless keyboard that comes with the dongle should work.
  13. I think the stuff in most headphone cables is called litz wire. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. A 4 way split should be a 6 dB loss. I'd say "about 5 dB" is within the margin of error with the imprecise method of a receive antenna and transmitter some distance away.
  15. They have entered our market and plan to stick around. The new plug-on was a direct response to our market. They've also heard our requests for a portable receiver... But in the meantime, I know several mixers that are happy with the rackmount receivers on their carts. Gonna be a short decade then. And as mentioned above, the latency is less than Lectro and definitely not a problem.
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