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    I do Sound For Picture and Location Recording - primarily for projects involving Theatre, Live Performance or Live Speaking events. Projects range from full-length films of Theatre and Opera shows, through to EPK/TVC shoots, Documentary and Streaming.
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  1. We do color-matching (painting) of mics all the time in Live Theatre sound - but generally only for lav mics mounted on the head - not so much for "Headset" mics like the 6066. A couple of reasons why: Firstly, the "headset" style mic is always going to be overtly visible, whatever the color (of course, picking a Beige or Black unit to suit the talent is a start). In fact, quite often the choice to use a 'headset boom' style of mic rather than a head-rigged lav is more for the look. Secondly - apart from the metal end of the 6000-series capsule - with the lav mics, the cable of the l
  2. This is great - I'm wondering if there's any chance of an audio back-channel (talkback from remote viewers to Set) - even if restricted to one remote user. Ideally with a momentary 'push to talk' button at the remote end on the browser window. Audio can be lower-resolution than the outgoing channel.
  3. What you are wanting is more complicated than you might first think - but it was very common in the past on larger Theater shows, for example, before the specifically-designed wireless headset systems came on the market - to enable Walkies to be integrated in wired headset party-line comms systems. The problem is on most film sets, the walkies (ie Motorolas) are being used in 'simplex' mode - on one frequency per Channel, and only one can be transmitting at a time. Getting outside audio into such a system is difficult - as you need some way to 'key' the transmitter that the Zoom audio is comin
  4. check out the video on Gotham Sound's youtube channel about the actor spacesuit comms system they supplied for 'Lost In Space' a year or two ago. Most live or theatre sound hire shops in London should have suitable DPA or Voice Technologies or Countryman headsets and the adapters to Sennheiser 3.5mm TRS. All the major brands have adapters and all make 3.5mm ones. Try Autograph Sound or Orbital. Assuming you get proper earpieces intended for IEM use, or the telex plastic eartube type earpieces, you should not get any appreciable spill from IEM to Headset mic. If you try and use 'vented' earpiec
  5. your natural instinct would be right - except for the fact that Sound Devices (either intentionally or not) didn't correctly implement this feature of the Brooklyn II Dante card inside the Scorpio and 970 (and presumably 888) - so even though Dante Controller allows you to tick the 'sync to external' checkbox, it will subsequently throw up regular Dante clocking errors. If they intentionally chose not to support this feature, they could have prevented that checkbox from showing in Dante Controller. Sound Devices has said to another user on the JW FB group where we were discussing this earlier
  6. No, I don't muck about with offsets - that would indicate Sound taking ownership of a Camera issue. I do like to get a TC slate shot at least at the top of the performance, as if it and the sound TC agree, it's easier to convince unaware editorial staff that it's a Camera thing (and makes it dead easy for them to see what offset to apply when dropping the clips in their timeline). With the setup I suggested, Reaper is at least running of the Dante Network Clock, so will be pretty well calibrated - better your average Camera's internal clock without genlock. In tests I've done, you might see as
  7. Hi nevo, Filming Theatre plays and Musicals is a specialty of mine. Your thinking is correct, but there are a few issues you are going to run into with the gear you have that will need some work-arounds. First, yes using the Scorpio as the master audio recorder and Reaper as the backup is a good idea, lets leave reaper for a moment and look at the primary chain Sync plan. When I do these projects, I use Ambient TC boxes, but I'm sure the Ultrasync Ones (USOs) will be fine, and like you, I use sync boxes as the TC and WC source for my recorders (in my case, Sound Devices 970s). I am guessing yo
  8. If a TC Slate is impractical, assuming your GoPros are the newer ones without the built-in 3.5mm audio input jack, maybe get one of the USB-C External Audio Adapters they sell, and connect one of the cheaper timecode boxes to it - such as a Tentacle. Then you can briefly plug it in to each GoPro as you put them into record, and capture a few seconds of timecode (LTC) onto the audio track. This of course needs to be done each time you stop and start recording. After the shoot, drop all the files into Tentacle Studio (or most 'pro' NLEs - eg Resolve) and it'll timestamp the files from the audio
  9. I like Twistedwave on iPhone / iPad, though it might be a little intimidating to a really non-technical person as it shows several editing tools (not that they need them). File Export (sharing) is easy and comprehensive.
  10. If we are blue-sky dreaming of the ideal A2 or Reality Producer monitoring device - I'd add optional bluetooth pairing to a phone / tablet app with nameable touch buttons (similar to Wavetool or Nemesis Insight) to change the preset easier. Same app could be used for device setting cloning as you mention.
  11. yes - here in Australia too. I'm in pre-production for filming a large outdoor Opera. Cast are in their last day of four weeks the rehearsal rooms today, on-set on Monday (in theory) and the Government has banned events of over 500 persons (this seats over 2000). Haven't got the cancellation email yet - but no show, no film. The third in a row now, and ALL my bookings into the future are going to be subject to this given the niche of the industry I work in - as long as it lasts.
  12. Thanks Constantin, I thought that was the case, but was hoping it had been enabled since I last used one.
  13. Yes, as I said in my original post, the Minis can use either separate tri-level sync OR the incoming Timecode to Genlock the camera. The Amiras can do the same. It appears that the Alexas (full size ones) don't have the ability to Genlock any way. That's what I'm looking for confirmation of (hoping I'm missing something).
  14. Hi All, I usually see Arri Alexa Minis on my jobs, but have a shoot coming up with three Alexa XTs. It's been years since I've seen a full-size Alexa, so can anyone confirm that they still can NOT take external Genlock from a Lockit box (unlike a Mini or Amira - which can take either Tri-Level or Genlock to TC)? This is a Concert shoot - so I'd normally recommend Genlock. thanks, nick
  15. Most likely to block 48v Phantom Power from blowing up the audio output devices in the Receiver, should it accidentally get plugged into a Mixer or Camera input that previously had a condensor mic in it. I suspect that the reason they are in the cable and not on the Printed Circuit Board is either due to there not being enough room, or more likely they only thought of it when units started to be returned for repair.
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