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  1. one big advantage is, bowtie is using multiple wavelength, so if you are using wider range of frequencies (ie wisycom) it will be better than sna600.
  2. vitekcz

    DPA 4060 died.

    You mean fix connector or broken head of mic? To fix connector is not a big deal. I would love to be able fix the broken cable right under capsule. I have 3 mics now waiting to repair.
  3. Yes, I've used it. It was the first sold Betso. I like it. It has all what you need from slate. The brightness is good. I haven't discovered any cons. Haven't used the new Ambient slate. In compare with old Ambient and Denecke.
  4. Hi, I wanted to ask, if someone has tried to wash old windjammer to renew it. (for Zeppelin) I have one old windjammer which I used in rain forest, winter condition etc. So now it's tangled and doesn't work well. I want to try put it in washmachine (low temperature, short programe) Anyone try it before? I already bought a new one, but want a give a change to old one and keep it as a spare. If it is some way how to recover it. Thank you.
  5. vitekcz

    664 dosen't power up

    true, but WHY me? buuuuuuu! );
  6. vitekcz

    664 dosen't power up

    Btw, i had the same issue. Normal working, in lunchbreak powerdown. Then never boot again. Tried everything. except voodoo. Still waitng for repaired device. I'm from Europe and from Germany rapire service I have message, that it's not able to repair and must sent it to US factory.
  7. Thank you guys, I really regard it. The notes about cardiod mic is fine, sometimes we will shoot on small places, where the cariod could be better but most of the time the shutgan would be better, I guess. Or at least more universal. I own 2 NTG1 mics, but to be honest, I don't like the sound much. It could be option, but for me is compromise. And what about he Sanken CS-1e? It's not expensive like Sennheiser but better than NTG. I just want to be ready to question : "Which microphone do we need to buy?" Because they will also thinking to buy a new camera.
  8. Hi, at first sorry for my English. I'm in touch with one production to make a TV show. It will be now season 2 and it's different production so I need to make a new budget. The main sound kit is solved, but the question is about some details like a "on camera" microphones. Of course I would love to have on each camera Sennheiser 416 or 60 but I'm affraid that it would be over budget. I need some RF condenser. (We wil shoot also in area with high moisture) I was thinking about Rode NTG, but is it RF condenser? Any suggestion? What do you use?
  9. I was shooting in Mogolia year ago, and the cold wasn't the trouble as a strong wind. I was using Lithyium batteries and also the Alkaline, which died earlier the usual. Enjoy UAZ russian car and Yurta tents.. (-:
  10. I'm using 4s battery 3,6Ah. So it means 14,8 Volts. With SD 664 you can work about 2 days on documentary. Hope it helps.
  11. Hi, I'm using Li-pol batteries with my 664 recorder. I order the 4s cells from http://www.hobbyking.com and it was really cheaper If I compare with NP batteries. The problem is, if you would discharge the cells too much, the battery died. So I had to buy some cut off circuit to guard battery. But I really like the features like no memory effect, no self discharging, the weight.
  12. Hi, this is my first post here. So exciting. First, sorry for my English. Does anybody power their sound bag with RC lipol batterries? I want to power my sound bag with SD664, 3x sennheiser 2000 wireless with lipol batteries. I love the weight and price/ capacity. I want to keep as less weight of bag as I can. Because I'm shooting documentary often throught hole day. greetings from Europe Czech Republic Vitek.
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