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  1. I know that this has been covered before but wanted to check again, what are folks using as a tablet with Nomad as the touch interface? Thanks in advance, TW
  2. I have to agree with both Bill and Donavan, there is nothing to compare with the Zaxcom wireless series. Besides sounding great and actors loving them because of their size the ability to either take the audio from the internal recording card or re-record multiple transmitters while still attached to the actors is just a no-brainer. The best to minimize the auction of the spectrum, hands down!
  3. Hey Steve, Got it, that certainly is one way to do it. Was wondering if you brought the boom signal into you board and then sent to Cedar with a send then bring back into Deva on a return. TW
  4. HI Steve, Interested in your routing the Cedar to the Deva. Thanks, Tom
  5. I wonder if Jan could post some instruction as to how she got her iPad connected to the Nomad Touch? I am just starting down that path and really hate the TW700. Thanks in advance to any advice.
  6. This really must be a joke right?
  7. Hi All, Wondering if anybody has recurring problems with CF cards generated from Zaxcom recorders. It seems like I go through a period of time with no issues then , bam, a number of issues in a row. I use new cards on all new shows but it never really seems that I can point my finger at any one problem. Any other folks with a CF card issue or am I alone? Thanks, Tom
  8. Glen, That's a great fix, I'll take one if there are any left. I'll call toorrow. Tom Williams
  9. Jeff, I do the same as you mentioned. Deva 5.8 on the cart and Deva V in the bag. I transfer the drive from one to the other as well as re-jam timecode from my ERX, no change at all to post, works great.
  10. I am coming into this topic a bit late but felt that I had to post. I have a DEVA V and 5.8 as well as nine stations of wireless and two IFB 100's, obviously I am a Zaxcom proponent. For over 10 years, ALL of my Zaxcom gear has worked just as promised, virtually WITHOUT fail. I have found both the hardware and software to be rock solid and has made my life as a production sound mixer much, much easier and more productive. In addition to it's tremendous product line, Zaxcom's support and willingness to listen to end users is without parallel. The team goes out of their way to turn around last minute repairs or purchases, they have never let me down. There is no other company that I can think of where I can call, and on most days , talk to the president or lead programmer without any hesitation, where we can discuss hardware/software changes and I feel that my suggestions are really taken very seriously. All gear has it's pros and cons, SD and Lectro make great products and well, I have and use products from all these companies, it's just that to me, Zaxcom's leading edge products help me the most with my workload. But as much as the product line speaks for itself it's Zaxcom's continued and timely support for it's users that I find sets it apart form the rest of the field.
  11. John , I normally send mine to AbelCine in New York, 212/462-0100. It's been a few years since I have sent mine but remember that they reasonable and quick. If they couldn't do the service they would send it to Germany but usually it was in house. Good luck, Tom
  12. Let me add that I am very familiar with both the ASA and Hollywood Basic , I'm just wondering what the post meant.
  13. I have to ask what does "dealing with the ASA" mean?
  14. Interesting, I didn't relate it to "chat" but over that last few days I have a very hard time loading JWSound. Lots of pinwheeling and just plain stalling. Quitting Safari or rebooting doesn't seem to help and I'm not bogging down on other sites. Seems to be a bit better this morning. TW
  15. Ugly perhaps but a very powerful tool. Inexpensive and dead easy to use, it fulfills many playback needs. I used it every week on the latest Adam Sandler project for last minute music cues.
  16. I agree with John here, every day is a new folder and however many discs or cards that are delivered live inside that folder. It makes it easy to go and dig something up for post when all they tell you is the line they want is from day 11.
  17. Hi John, Not sure if you get a video assist on your job but if you do the delay issue is usually handled by them. The Shark works well as does the AV Tool Lip sync corrector, I have used them both. Tom
  18. Hi Jeff, I'm working on RIPD now in Boston and we are shooting with multiple Alexas. I am at 23.98 tc and 48Khz and all is working well. We just jam the camera twice a day, no sync boxes or audio to camera. Best, Tom
  19. There you go Simon, eric beat me to it. If you have any more questions about shooting in Boston or just some recommendations on places to eat please don't hesitate to call me. Best, Tom
  20. HI Simon, The two rental houses here in Boston are Talamas Broadcast and Rule Broadcast, I can get you numbers later. I'm interested in when you will be here and what you are working on. I'll get those numbers to you later in the day, Best, Tom Williams C.A.S. 617/413-6479
  21. $20.00 on it's way, thank you for your time Jeff. Tom
  22. I agree with Jeff here. I have only ever sent one disc that telecine first gets and that is then sent off to post. It's my understanding that telecine many times makes their own clones but that's after me. I do record all tracks to Metacorder but almost never have to turn them in, they reside on my outboard drive and I hand in from my Deva. Noah is right in that telecine is interested in the fastest way to turn the tracks around and is only interested in the mix track which in my case is track 1. Tom
  23. The only thing to add is that not everybody works under the same contract. I am a mixer in Local 481 in Boston and we only have the 12 minute grace, there is no extension in our contract. With our grace you have to already be in the shot , the lens cannot change and the camera cannot move. Again, there is no language in the contract that talks about the abuse of grace, it is just something that we keep an eye on and ask our Stewards to talk to production if it becomes an everyday event. Tom
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