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  1. Oasis wiring: pin 1 ground pin 4 hot still waiting for thread size confirmation
  2. In search of a wiring diagram for the Oasis XLRM 4 pin power jack. Also looking for thread size for the mounting holes on the side of the Oasis unit. Thanks, Vincent
  3. I’m not familiar with this Cuba story. However, people do have a resonant frequency, (is it 7 Hz?) and sonic weapons have indeed been developed and can absolutely make a person “deteriorate”.
  4. This is a great resource too, http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/images/FCC-documents/City_by_City.xlsx but I'm still looking for info on the upcoming Block 25 Guard Bands. Anyone????
  5. Does anyone have any additional graphs or charts for future Freq Coordinating in Seattle? Only thing i can find is on the Lectrosonics site, and I'm interested in locating guard bands, etc.
  6. When I used to run a 744, i used to look at the sides and enter in all the scene numbers for the day while I was setting up.
  7. Might you be willing to share a pic of said mod? I, too, have 2 ERX's that are in permanent Camera hop mode, but I haven't physically altered them (yet!).
  8. Just curious….. Has anyone run a CP Beam from an IFB100 or IFB 200? What did you think? -Vincent
  9. Hi- I'm traveling through Chicago and need some last minute Zaxcom gear. Does anyone know a dealer in Chicago that maintains stock? Any ERX's available? -Vincent
  10. hi jozzafunk- Interesting thought……What would it "look" like if everyone on screen was lit evenly without any shadows or perspective? Well, that's exactly what's happening with dialogue, especially when everyone is lav'd up and the above mentioned tools are OVER used. Post needs to start compensating for the time delay, and frequency shift when people are close/ far away. I want my perspective back! -vincent
  11. Hey Kelsey- that's my iPhone and arm in the top pic…...You never had me sign a release!
  12. I'm referring to adding up latency in the chain. I started the thread because a client requested latency info on the Nomad, and as it turns out, 3ms is too much latency in HIS signal path for live TV broadcast. For other purposes and my field work, I'm happy with the Nomad, so no worries here.
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