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  1. Hi, been using the Nomad the entire summer, and very happy with the purchase. Timecode and scratch audio feeding right into the camera, working flawlessly. However, one of our last days of filming, the Epic MX wouldn't take timecode from our ERX2TCD. Everything had been working great for 10 shooting - days, and suddenly it didn't work. The only thing we had done was to record scratch audio directly onto our camera the day before everything didn't work anymore. Went over every setting, (fps etc.) in the camera, thinking maybe we had changed anything, but still didn't work, and since then we have been forced to clap manually - no crisis, but still... Yesterday upgraded to latest firmware on both the Epic and our Nomad/ERX2TCD, but still didn't work. I know people have had similar problems, so I was curious to hear of other experiences and possible solutions. Tried to feed another camera (the Scarlet) with our ERX2TCD, and it worked. - Could be my TC - port on my camera is suddenly not working... Fred
  2. I should sure like a body glove, but it comes in as terribly expensive ordering from Amazon to Europe. As I was already making an order from B&H I was hoping to find a good one from them. I guess I will just go to a local store..was merely hoping to avoid the hassle of trying and testing...
  3. Hi Jack, tried searching for many of the cases mentioned - I guess I referred to cases talked about in the previous thread by Justin. Looking for cases at B&H as I was doing an order, and couldn't find the ones mentioned...although I am sure many others would work too (to go along with the Rycote Wireless Receiver Camera Bracket). - Would be happy for any tip on cases for the ERX that I could find on B&H's pages...
  4. Anyone know about one from B&H that works? Just about to order from them.
  5. Jack, If you got both the Maxx and the Nomad by your side I should love to see a picture or two with a side by side size comparison! F.
  6. Thanks all, Great to see an old thread reawaken. Still haven’t made my decision... ! - Must decide very soon. I see the Maxx is delayed a bit more than the 60 days talked about at NAB. End of June as of now. I have been leaning towards the Nomad lately, thinking of: Full Zaxnet More channels (agree Richard, you never know how many, although 83% of the time 3 iso's will do for me - but this could very likely change in the future) Size/weight (if only a pound heavier as Jack says, and not much wider; depth will be the same after added ”legs” on Maxx) - RPSharman: Agree to what you say, almost thought of flying to NY to buy…! None the less, I have talked to dealers where I live which I haven't found reason to trust - all the more good having a forum like this with different opinons pro/cons. -Vasileios: your pricedifferent is almost entirely correct, although the reason for this is a tad more complex: if getting the Maxx, one needs the IFB – option on the QRX, wheras getting the Nomad I will send scratch – audio via Zaxnet, thus one does not need to get the IFB - option on the QRX. The pricedifference will be about a 1000 dollares anyhow, so in a way you are right:) 1000usd is not that much seen in relation to all the other tidbits one needs for a full zaxcom – system(QRX100, 2 x TRX900la, ERX..) …worth the extra 1000? Feel free to tell, or enlighten me. F.
  7. Thank you very much Jack for a very concise and helpful reply, giving a whole lot of highly valuable answers!
  8. Tom, thanks for your thought.
  9. I know - its just that making ones own choices is notoriously difficult sometimes. A little consulting may diminish the confusion.
  10. Hi John, Please chop a-head, my inner Kafka just awakened, I had a suspicion I was already guilty. Alas - please enlighten me about the mistakes of my approach, perhaps I can live with it. F.
  11. Hi everyone, I have decided to get a new mixer/recorder (having previously worked with an SD442 going direct into a REDONE with tons of heavy XLR cables - but now I am looking for a double – system along with an Epic) and after doing a lot of reading here I am leaning heavily towards a full Zaxcom – system; hoping for great RF - noise - free sound in post, and no hassle with timecode – issues. I was thinking of getting a Maxx, or a Nomad, along with two TRX900LA’s, one QRX100Q, and one ERX2TCD sitting on the camera feeding scratch – audio and TC, and perhaps one ERX2TCD for the directors ear. My needs are perhaps slightly different than many other on this forum. I rarely need more than 4 ISO’s. I film two or three actors talking together, lavaliere’d up, with one boom – track, which I preferably use, when I can. But wireless abilities are also very important in situations of running around in a more spontaneous fashion, or in doing documentary work. So in a way, maybe the choice to get a Maxx is obvious. Budget is an issue, and the price - difference between a Nomad 10 and a Maxx with equal possibilities of feeding a scratch – track/TC is a about a 1000 dollars more for the Nomad 10 (with the Nomads Zaxnet, and with the Maxx I’d get the IFB – option on the QRX100). The advantage of the Nomad is giving me Zaxnet and more channels should I need them. More future proof? More tested? Firmware less buggy? Available now... The smaller formfactor of the Maxx, is, however, very appealing, although I am unsure how big the real – life difference would be (1.5 pounds?). I would love a bag as small, cablefree and neat as possible though, like most people, I guess. (Could I even use the Maxx only on AA – batteries? I don't mind getting many ENELOOPS should it diminsih size/weight) What would you get being me? - Are there any NOMAD owners out there that would rather want a MAXX were they buying today? I realize it is a problem of luxury, but it will be a very large investment for me, and I'd be afraid of the potential bitterness evolving in getting something I'd regret on. PS. Don’t chop my head off, I see many heads are being chopped off here – I am a newbie, only looking for great equipment and advice from users with more knowlegde and experience than myself (and I have done quite a bit of reading:) Fredrik
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