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  1. The cases are all gone. Thank you all for your quick response. Glad they went to our own. DY
  2. Cleaned out my storage unit. Several cases there that I'm not going to use. Anyone who wants them can have them. FREE! Just come get them. Any left after mid January will have to be trashed. See photo below. dave@filmsound.com Dave Yaffe
  3. Pix 260i for sale. Mint condition, only 5 months old. Includes (2) 240gig hard drives, (2) HD caddies, (1) CF caddy. Works great. Must sell. Will consider any reasonable offer. Email me at dave@filmsound.com.
  4. daveyaffe

    Yaffe New Cart 2014

    Here's the new cart with the Yamaha QL-1
  5. An overlap requires me to rent a package for several days starting Jan. 27th. Anyone not working that is interested in renting their kit for the week? If so, email me: dave@filmsound.com. Thanks. Dave Yaffe
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