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  1. Ah ok that makes sense, thanks for letting me know. A wideband tx in the future would definitely be a good product to match this receiver though! Cheers.
  2. Any idea if the trx900cl will be updated to be wideband to match the rx200?
  3. Just an update on this from me. We've now had two test days with the f65. It's a big camera for sure! The fan does seem noisy compared with an alexa, although not too worrying as still much quieter than a film camera. Will see how that changes in hot interior scenes... The timecode input is on the recording deck that attaches to the back. It is a bnc. We've attached an ambient sync box as don't trust it to hold time on its own but the Sony rep said it would. Having left it without the box on for a while I think it would prob be fine but better safe than sorry. One interesting point is that post said the sound and picture rushes were all consistently 1 frame out of sync. The Sony rep said that was correct and is to do with information processing time. The camera guys set the camera time to 1 frame forward and post seem happy that has sorted it. Simple menu system and everything is pretty normal and straight forward to use. If the fan noise doesn't turn out to be too bad then it seems like a nice camera to work with, so long as its not me heaving it about all day
  4. Thanks Chris. I believe it has Bnc in for the timecode. Is that correct? Did you jam and leave it running on internal time or leave a lockit attached? Appreciate your help!
  5. Starting a feature with this camera end of the month. Anyone have any advice with regards timecode etc? We have some test days coming up but would be good to go into them with some idea of how it operates so far thinking Deneke sync box on the camera as experience says Sony is normally no good at holding time. Shame we're not using alexa...
  6. Wow, the timecode buddy is enormous! I kinda assumed it would be a much more user friendly size than that! Seems crazy seeing as how most audio transmitter and receivers are now much smaller than that…
  7. This should be zaxcom's motto...
  8. Does anyone know if the transmitters can be powered externally? Thinking of using these for a camera hope on a job with a sony cam and the receiver would slot in nice and neatly!
  9. Thanks for the update Larry. Still top of my list at the mo sure you guys will get it sorted for us!
  10. This is disappointing to hear as these were going to be my next update for my talent mics…Please keep us updated Larry! I used the system as a camera hop last year and it was rock solid…much more so than my 2020's on ch69. Still love the 2020's tho…just a shame they cant be retuned to the new freq's...
  11. Anyone know when this might be hitting the uk? I'd love to test it out but my dealer here was told within the week and that was a month or so ago... Cheers!
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