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  1. DillonBochon

    Identify this Slate

    Thanks everyone! With your help I was able to find the manual. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
  2. DillonBochon

    Identify this Slate

    Hey folks, I recently saw this slate on consignment at a local camera shop, and I was wondering if any of you out there recognised it. it is fairly inexpensive, but it may be a case of too good to be true. I've done my own search, and have had no luck finding anything in current, or legacy products that even look close. It has a unibody design with an indent in the back as a handle. The T/C input is a 3.5mm plug. it takes 6 AA batteries with an opening panel on the back. There seems to be no brand name of any kind anywhere on it, control wise, there are 4 colored buttons on the back face next to the battery compartment. I managed to boot it up at the store, and it displays "TS-00" on startup before listing the battery voltage, similarly to Denecke slates. Talking to the folks at the shop, they were told it is from Russia, but they have no manual or any other info about it. The seller, likewise has no further information on it.
  3. DillonBochon

    Listen Tech LR-400 vs Comtek PR-216

    Would the reverse work as well? ListenTech>Comtek? Anyone know how it would sound?
  4. DillonBochon

    The industry in London

    Thanks for all the support everyone! I have a few phone numbers to call when I get there. Hope to see some of you soon.
  5. DillonBochon

    The industry in London

    Hi to all the folks on JWSound. I'm a Vancouver based mixer still in my entry stages, and I'm making a trip out to London at the end of April. For my personal experience and to help me experience the sound department in many different ways, I'd love to meet a mixer from there. I'd love to get together for a beer or coffee. However, I'd really like to see how you run your sets in Europe. Feel free to contact me over this forum, or at DillonBochon@hotmail.com. PS: The drinks are on me!