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  1. Rafael

    Store recommendation Italy

    Thanks to all I already tried with Nagrit with some lucky they answer my mail, very kindly they only can send it by DHL to the near deposit of DHL I'm not sure to have a car or time to go I´ll need the buy the boom in advance because i´ll go directly from the airport to the village? a friend ask my for one for him and its a favor (so i will travel without mine) I suppose it will be cheaper to find a local dealer. I´m wrong? going to try with the others thanks a lot! the very best
  2. Hi I´m about to travel to a small town near to Milan (3 hours) Italy I´ll need to buy a boom pole there, and also like to have a audio store contact for expendables or any inconvenience etc etc any recommendation ? will be awesome if can buy by phone or online and they shipping to the small town. I'll be 4 weeks there I´m looking for AMBIENT QXS 580 or GB2551L from Gitzo (Italian) Sorry for my English, thanks for reading ! The very best! Rafa
  3. Hi where did you get it ? Thanks
  4. Rafael

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    😂 true true but sounds like no other the mixer it's also an small option
  5. Rafael

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    hi I think what you want it's provided from aeta on the mixy (3 chnls analog digital mixer ) The outer concentric control (of channel 2) provides +/-5dB adjustment of the balance in L/R mode (normal stereo), or the stereo width in M/S mode http://www.aeta-audio.com/fileadmin/downloads/pdf_uk/manual_mixy.pdf on the aeta 4 minx 6dB on the fader 2 http://www.aeta-audio.com/fileadmin/downloads/pdf_uk/manual_4MinX.pdf
  6. Rafael

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    +1 I had one !
  7. Rafael

    Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    isn't the recorder’s body the ground plane of the antenna system ?
  8. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    was using audioroot BG-DH MKII power distributor and eHRS4-HRS4 regular power cable
  9. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Excelente!!!!! some advices from my experience The Audioroot eLC-SMB charger features a battery wake-up function for fully depleted batteries..... but the first time doesn't worked to me the Audioroot dual charguer wake-up function worked fine!! other thing... can't power up my nomad with 45Wh audioroot with regular cable from Audioroot: NOMAD from Zaxcom are fitted with very large capacitors in their internal power supplies. When switching these units ON a very high inrush current occurs because of these capacitors. This inrush current is high enough to make the eSMART Li-45wh battery protection trip. This protection circuit is rated at 4A with inrush current capabilities of 10A for 31ms and 20A for 427us. Your problem can be solved by using a current limiting cable. We can provide this cable under reference eHRS4-HRS4-2.0 or eHRS4-OUT-5.0 depending on your setup (ie if you are using a power distributor to power your NOMAD). If you are used to building your own DC cables you can also simply build and HRS to HRS cable with a 1ohm resistor in series to power your NOMAD. The resistor will act as a current limiter and correct the issue you are currently experiencing. The very best!
  10. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    So ! what's my output power ? always 75mW ? Fixed thanks
  11. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    HI me too in an older version (V2-14) It's looks like it's working. at least they react at the same way of TRXLA's I'm confuse, it's working on the screen but not on the output power? How can I measure the output power? Thanks WhatsApp Video 2017-08-11 at 17.55.56(1).mp4 sorry for my poor English
  12. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks !
  13. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks all. the block 23 on micplexer2 it's on position 3, 582.5-617.5 center freq 600Mhz on my QRXs scan limit 590-614 should I think on a block 23 micplexer1? what do you recommend for run 4 systems ? on xr or stereo or mono (400Khz spacing) I'm used to work on quiet rf environment . plexer 1 or 2 ? can't find plexer1 user manual the best
  14. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    OK the manual said the" V filter will also allow the MicPlexer2 to cross blocks" can cross block 23 / 24 HI/low or I'm wrong ? thanks for your help