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  1. That‘s awesome. I think anything that is supposed to be mounted on a cart will eventually be installed in any possible position by one user or the other. You might be really on to something and i can see more mixers adapting on-cart charging once they have a viable option for their np-50s
  2. Hi Joppe, I am very intrigued by your new version. I prefer to charge Tx batteries on the cart but the USB dual chargers don‘t hold the np-50 well enough when pushed over rough terrain. Can your charger be mounted vertically and still have a snug fit on the batteries? If given the option i would go for an 6-bay on the cart and have a second one placed stationary.
  3. RomanH


    As a very happy Cantar mini user I am looking at it to be a 4-pack receiver with zaxnet control on encoders for the cantar on the cart or solo in the bag if one AES cable with d-sub connectors is all it takes to connect the two. The low power consumption plays in well there too. Comes a bit pricier than the qrx/micplexer combo but then its also an another full size recorder.
  4. I'm using the Trekpak dividers in my stormcase im2720. It's an eyecatcher on set and of course provides great padding plus the dividers stay in place. Only downsides are the added weight and depending on your layout you loose quiet some real estate in the case.
  5. Only time will tell. But for me having been a projectionist for 35mm and 16mm for 5 years right until digital cinema started even in small cinemas, seeing chemical film disceasing and with it the whole experience of cinema fading away, It feels like some sort of trauma to me but there is no magic in it anymore. The big cinemas feel like fast food chain restaurants, self check-in counter and a projection that is always the same; sharp, big but flat and characterless. It's the little imperfect things like the pops in the audio the scratches and shakiness of ads and trailers that got burned into my first memories of going to the movies. it sad to know that further generations of audiences will never experience that. they will only be given the "processed food" shit! I think we keep repeating history where a lot of great things already did disappear from the market, because they couldnt maximize profit as much as inferior products...sad world
  6. I have the PSC large and i love it. I worked with Ambient and Kteks before which are all great poles, but psc has some extra features; you can convert the cabled psc pole into an uncabled pole within seconds no disconnecting of a connector necessary! I prefer the locking collar design over the ktek alumium one and the ambient, it's a very simple yet effective design that only requieres a quarter of a twist. Disassembly is very easy, no tools necessary. There is no need to ever send the pole to the mothership. PSC has a great customer service and they can provide you with any spare parts which you could switch out at home!
  7. I use their new 9v caddies, the clip seems pretty sturdy. As the plastic covering on my powerex only came off before i started putting them in caddies
  8. I guess you are looking for the cobraclip from cinesonics
  9. Compare our wireless systems with professional lenses, Follow Focuses, tripods etc. those haven’t seen much innovation in recent years either but still cost a lot of money. Can you get the job done with the cheaper versions that are out there? probably. But I just don't want to deal with all the hassle that comes with consumer market gear, It would cost me too much time and nerves to deal with it on a daily basis and even the expensive stuff usually pays for itself through rentals.
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