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  1. B0629F2D-8164-457B-BCC0-0F998CBEAC58.MOV I have to say my cup holder and my sound cart. It has evolved during 5-6 years. From a regular Magliner hand truck to this custom-build-v-slot-extrusion-cart. It has cost me thousands and thousands of hours, thinking and building.
  2. Maybe something like this would be of interest? https://www.lectrosonics.com/SPDR-Stereo-Personal-Digital-Recorder/product.html
  3. I need a good multiway NP50 so much that I would happily pay for it before it even exist. I hope you find a solution to make these chargers. I bought a couple of cheap ones from eBay... but can't trust them to make a firm connection to the battery...
  4. Well the problem with the original X3 bag is that it would fit an octopack. BUT you could make it fit. I followed Tim Whites suggestion to mod the bag to fit the PSC 6-pack. And I guess it could be done with the Octopack as well. First you you need to find a way to secure the Octopack onto the X3. So it becomes one unit. There are other people made this happened with different kind of solutions. Friction hinges or brackets (search on Aaton Cantar’s Facebook page, or write there and ask) Then you need to fabricate a L-shaped piece to connect to the bottom of the original bag, around the Octopack onto the sides of the X3 bag. Hard to explain like this. Look at these photos instead:
  5. Ok, one year later I feel like I'm done. MonoCart has evolved from a simple Magliner to something completely different. It's been a journey, that's for sure. And it has at this time cost me a fortune:) But well worth it, I have learned a lot and maybe one day, I'm brave enough to make the wheel base myself as well.
  6. I have used a regular Magliner handtruck. And then put the 10” pneumatic wheels in where it should be 8” wheels. So the nose gets 2” higher up. I think I also had to adjust the nose further up to get the desired height for the front casters. I have tried all magliner parts in all positions and with a bit of hard work and luck manage to level it. John
  7. Thanks! I bought them from the Australian company Rotacaster
  8. Ok... So a couple of years later the evolving cart continues. The base is still a Magliner handtruck but the rest of the cart has changed. Mostly because of the Cantar X3. I needed deeper shelves, heavier base, better balance. So I started to think... I found v-slots (8020ish) and started to build something modular. I wanted to get rid of the casters since a narrow cart needs a stable base. A lot of custom brackets and mistakes were made. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. I guess it has cost me twice what it should have if I knew what I wanted in the first place... But that doesn't matter, it's been a hobby, a process that never slept. I still have ideas and things I want to do, but for now this chapter has come to an end. Maybe there will be an update in a couple of years:) Thank you all for inspiration and knowledge. I give you: "Mono-Cart 3000"
  9. Ok, Thanks! I think I’ll order the smaller sized pocket.
  10. I’m going to buy some Ursa straps but am not sure if I’m going to get the small or the larger sized pocket. I mainly use Lectro SMDB’s and I know that both sizes should fit. But if now the cable pocket is a bit small, is it wise to go with the larger pocket to have some more space for the cable? john
  11. Very nice! I also have combined a Magliner and V-Slots (cheaper then 8020) good work!!
  12. Ah, good to know! Thanks!! I would like to get rid of that sub connector on my old one, maybe that's doable...
  13. Thanks! Could you please do me a favor and compare the screws on the bottoms of the old and new? I have this mount and wonders if it would fit the new six pack as well: https://www.giantsound.co.uk/product/giant-sound-x3-6p/
  14. Would you mind show more photos to compare the old/new six pack. I would like to see all sides and underneath it as I havnt found any pictures of the new one. I have the old one attached with Tim Whites hinge mount to my X3. So screwholes must match to fit the new six pack.
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