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  1. Hi Bud! No, it did not work. I've contacted the DPA support and they told me that I will need a new microphone. That DPA Slim has really slim chances of surviving few drops of sweat.
  2. Dear community, I am looking for above mentioned documents in english. Can you, please, help me find it. I know I can buy hardcopy on ebay, but a PDF will be good as well. I think there are few Nagra experts around here, but can't remember their names. Thank you!
  3. I need a backup 2 sets of Sennheiser G3 without lavs.
  4. Hi group! Can you recommend me a good audio rental house in Dublin? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the link. Hopefully the solution will work for me.
  6. Dear group, few days ago, I had a gig where 2 dpa slims failed because the actor was sweating doing some excercises. I let them dry out, but one of them now sounds very thin, distant and has a lot of self noise. Before I send it to repair, do you have any suggestion how it can be fixed? Thank you! Hrvoje R
  7. Probably, it won't be on our shopping list, but I could not resist to post it here. When it’s not possible to have an experienced sound engineer on site, the d:vice™ can act as a ‘mini sound engineer in your pocket’. http://www.dpamicrophones.com/microphones/dvice?utm_source=DPA+Complete&utm_campaign=fe8196725d-WW%3A+d%3Avice+launch_25-April-2017_Broadcast&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a141748c6e-fe8196725d-317003577&mc_cid=fe8196725d&mc_eid=f8806e2db6
  8. Thanks Constantin! It will be interesting to hear background story from Sennheiser, like is it just regular transmitter, or they needed to build one specially for that environment.
  9. Hi, I am just curious... Can somebody identify the wireless transmitter used in this video? Thank you!
  10. I agree with you. But that dealer or distributor was recommended to me by DPA Denmark. That's true too. I know where the fault is, so they probably will not charge me for diagnostics. What scared me was the price of repair which could easily climb to the price of a new mic if they spend two hours on it. That was my thinking, too. I will research other options.
  11. It is DPA in Denmark. When I asked for a 4071 repair, the local dealer told me they need to send it home to fix it. So total cost for me will be: 70 € shipping, 50 € diagnostics and 165/hour of repair = at least 285 € if they manage to fix the microphone within 1 hour. Sigh.
  12. Yes, VAS. Although it probably raises more eyebrows in our part of the world than elsewhere. But I am curious what our western Europe based soundies have to say about it. BTW, I consider that information relevant, since I got it from local DPA dealer. http://www.sonus.si/en
  13. You are lucky. I think it is good to know that DPA charges 165 euros per hour for the repairs. Only 50 euros for diagnostics.
  14. Hi there! I am setting up a laptop (Ubuntu OS) for audio data backup and creating sound reports. Does anybody know what would be Wave Agent equivalent for Ubuntu OS? Thanks a lot! And happy New Year!
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