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  1. Sound Devices metadata editing. Like Constantin I did use a wired computer keyboard plugged into the 788's USB port for easy labelling.
  2. I don't usually get paid upfront. I invoice and receive payment in 30 days. I did get payment right after one gig when I recorded a stand-up comic at a club. The cameraperson I was shooting with insisted on this. In hindsight it was a cheque and could have bounced. It didn't. Some people suggest upfront/end of day payment when a foreign prod. co. comes to shoot in your country. I have generally gone with trust on this one (with US companies) and have had no issue <knock on wood>. I have only missed out on a day's pay when the prod. co. went bankrupt in a #metoo scandal. I'm glad you finally got paid Erob.
  3. I've had B6 caps get a tear in them and go missing. Either that, or just fall off when attaching snot tape at the end to hide. Frustrating.
  4. The sound supervisor i worked with used this system on a couple of reality/competition type shows. http://www.mambamix.com/ Each producer could listen to a mix of whatever mics they wanted to from an iPad. I believe there was a headphone lack splitter hardwired from his cart. Each iPad controlled one of the 1/4" HP jacks. I don't own it so I can't give you the full run down. Last I used it was last summer. Things may have changed since then. A different show used https://www.unityintercom.com/ where producers could hear talent and control room/director. They could listen on iPhones, which sounds like what you're looking for. Not sure how many lavs you can listen to on one device. This seems to more of an intercom/IFB type of thing, but was used on a competition show I worked on. Good luck. Please let us know what you find.
  5. In past experience I've found that the Sennheiser MKE-2 gold lav is a "tight" sounding mic. It didn't pick up as much ambience when shooting in a noisier area (compared to a boom). As an experiment run two channels when recording your show (or just do a test record), one lav the other your 50 and see (hear) which you like better. I know this answer is really not an "answer" as with many sound/audio questions. Either way, you're doing fine audio wise.
  6. I do like and use Sennheiser HD25II and the Sennheiser HD 280 pro. I find the isolation better than the Sony 7506 or the Beyer Dynamic DT250. Beyer Dynamic DT250 seemed nice and flat to me. Dialogue sounds like what it would coming out of a speaker. I used the 7506 for a long time, but haven't for 10+ years. My two cents anyways.
  7. A little interview about the SD face shields in a podcast to which I regularly listen. It's 28:39 into the 99% invisible podcast. https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/masking-for-a-friend/
  8. Screen Grabs from "Feel This Moment" Pitbull fet. by Christina Aguilera at 1:10 into the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jlI4uzZGjU He deadened the room. No idea if this was used for the video or for actual recorded bits, you get the idea. I really like the RE20.
  9. Audio Services Canada (http://www.audioservicescanada.com/) made me an adaptor that fit in the boot of XLR connectors. Likely similar circuitry. It was inside the shortie XLR that went from my boom pole to the MHK416T. My Rycote basket did not have a conbox as it is an older version. Worked quite well. This is an option if you don't want to open up the microphone and do it there. I'm sure this could work quite well though have not used it: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/275819-REG/PSC_FPSC0010A_A4812_48V_to_12T.html
  10. Boom poles can be a personal decision (like many other things). Do you like the feel of the collars, etc. I like the PSC elite coiled cable pole. I have a large one and a smaller one that fits inside my Pelican Storm im2950 case for travel. Travel pole is a PSC elite medium internal coiled cable pole. What I like about the PSC is the XLR can be removed easily with the bottom XLR pole if needed. I don't have the right angle version. I unscrew the top end of the pole and "detangle" the internal coiled cable somewhat regularly. I have not had any issues where the boom pole can not collapse fully due to funky internal cable issues.
  11. I was in HK 2-3 years ago. I was using Lectro block 21/25 without issue. G3 (A band) for camera scratch track. Things could have changed since then.
  12. Eric

    Lectro PDR Users?

    In an Aquapac with a b3 inside a helmet for water sports (water skiing, kayak, etc).
  13. Ambient ACL 204 in combination with the Ambient lock-it slate (when needed) have been working well for me for a number of years. Wireless syncing, replaceable AA batteries, displays on side of box for easy trouble shooting TC issues, and solid as can be. Very minor issue is the pouch on the lockit boxes can get a little flimsy over time. Can always use them with out the pouch. No complaints.
  14. It was probably the BCM 104. I don't really know though. Used in control rooms of soundproofed radio stations. I worked at radio station as a operator many years ago (at least 20 - when I got out of school) and they had those mics installed in the control rooms of one radio stations I worked at. They sounded great with the on air talent. I didn't make any purchasing decisions, they were just there. I did have to record sports scores when working overnight for their sports score call-in line (the internet killed that) and I thought the AKG C414 reproduced my voice well. It's more of a David Spade vs. James Earl Jones voice, but the mic captured what it was. Sorry to her yours "disintegrated" (?). That's disheartening.
  15. Still like my PSC pole(s). Easy to take out the internal cable if you want to go without interior cabling. Easy to "straighten out"the cable as the top is removable and you can let the cable dangle. Kink free!
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