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  1. In my radio station experiences (many moons ago) I remember the Shure sm7b, Electro Voice RE20, Neumann BCM104/705, and the AKG C414. Probably others that I'm forgetting right now. All sounded great. All this doesn't answer your shotgun question though. I have used a Schoeps CMC6/mk41to record v/o in the field on occasion.
  2. I use the PSC elite internally cabled poles. I don't have the right angled XLR base. The medium (2'2"-8'3") fits in my Pelican im2950 for travel, and the large (3'-12'4'). These work well for all my reality, corporate, doc, etc. Easy/quick to pull the cable out if you feel the need to have an external XLR. As with all gear purchases, "it depends".
  3. Yes, Many times. Have used it hidden (on women) and exposed when the situation allowed (news, etc.). The cable can get kinked over time if not careful. At least mine have. I feel it lets in less ambience than other lavs if you are looking for a tighter sound (less ambience).
  4. Looks like the headphones hang on a Nite Ize gear tie https://www.niteize.com/collection/gear-tie.asp
  5. I haven't had any drift with an ambient lockit on the FS7. Sorry.
  6. Eric

    Camera Hops

    I use a Sennheiser G3 for a mono scratch track. Sync box on camera. Some clients like the slate as well. Slate mandatory without TC input. If they want master audio to camera a Lectrosonics D4 for a hop. Plus a sync box (and record just in case). Plug in for interviews. Usual cameras: Cannon c-300 red Sony fs7 Sony F55
  7. Lectrosonics D4 can send 4 channels of audio. RX can output analog or AES. I have been using this as a camera hop for a number of years (when not using a G3 scratch track). Likely some are familiar with it and some are not. It has it's pros and cons (which I won't get into), but can be helpful in the odd 4 channel send situation. https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Digital-Wireless-System/category.html
  8. Eric

    Favorite Slate

    I have the Ambient lockit slate (ACN-LS). In combination with the ACL-204 (sync boxes) everything is a dream to sync. My workflow is to jam the slate and send wireless sync from the slate to the sync boxes. Easy. It gives you a little report on the display as to how many boxes jammed successfully. No need to take the sync boxes off the cameras if there is a need to rejam. Nor do you have to find the cameras as long as the boxes are in range of the sync signal. Always double check TC, of course. ACs seem to like the one handed slating option, just grip the handle and clap with thumb (at least that's what I've heard). The flashing red lights on clap (which you can turn off) has helped some of my clients sync when there is no TC available to camera. However, It doesn't stand up on it's side like the the Deneke TS-C (if that's a pro). It does't glow the cool blue to make slate writing visible in the dark.
  9. You can always contact Joe @ Lectrosonics Toronto and ask him what he uses. Joe is friendly and amazing at sharing what he knows.
  10. Eric

    Lavs for ties

    I've used COS-11s with a hush lav foam (cut in half) in the tie knot pointing down. Usually pretty good indoors (wardrobe dependent, of course). I have also used an RM11 in the knot as well. Depends on the knot/tie.
  11. Main recorder is a SD664. I like the many outputs and 6 preamps. SD633 as a backup, or the main recorder depending on the job. Both have been solid in high heat and humidity to cold and snow.
  12. I have seen people use concrete forming tubes to protect the Rycote windshield inside a Pelican case. You cut the cardboard tube to size and then you need to cut a little notch out of one side (Bottom/top -- who can tell in a circle?) so the handle can slide in. The handle/pistol grip does not go inside the tube. It gets folded on the outside. These types of tubes: \https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/categories/building-materials/concrete-cement-and-masonry/concrete-materials-tools-and-accessories/concrete-forming-products.html I have not used it myself, but have seen it used.
  13. Eric

    BDS Battery + AC

    If you're working out of a bag and power everything off an NP1 this could be a good solution: http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/AD-NP1 Thinking of this myself, however, I rarely do sit down interviews. Maybe this is better suited to your needs: http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/APD-PS Requires NP1 powering of your kit. I haven't tried either.
  14. I got a the local audio shop (Audio Services Canada in Toronto) to build a shortie cloth covered cable that has the T12 to P48 magic built into the XLR boot. Same as the barrel I imagine, but without the bulk. Cable runs from boom pole to inside of Rycote wind shield.
  15. I found the Sennheiser MKE-2 to be a fairly tight sounding lav mic. When I used the mic it was not hidden, but clipped on a men's suit jacket/blazer. Seemed less "open" to me than a COS-11. Please let us know how it goes.
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