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  1. Eric

    Rycote Mic Protector case

    I have seen people use concrete forming tubes to protect the Rycote windshield inside a Pelican case. You cut the cardboard tube to size and then you need to cut a little notch out of one side (Bottom/top -- who can tell in a circle?) so the handle can slide in. The handle/pistol grip does not go inside the tube. It gets folded on the outside. These types of tubes: \https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/categories/building-materials/concrete-cement-and-masonry/concrete-materials-tools-and-accessories/concrete-forming-products.html I have not used it myself, but have seen it used.
  2. Eric

    BDS Battery + AC

    If you're working out of a bag and power everything off an NP1 this could be a good solution: http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/AD-NP1 Thinking of this myself, however, I rarely do sit down interviews. Maybe this is better suited to your needs: http://www.hawkwoods.co.uk/Prods/Product/APD-PS Requires NP1 powering of your kit. I haven't tried either.
  3. Eric

    P48 to T-Power converter?

    I got a the local audio shop (Audio Services Canada in Toronto) to build a shortie cloth covered cable that has the T12 to P48 magic built into the XLR boot. Same as the barrel I imagine, but without the bulk. Cable runs from boom pole to inside of Rycote wind shield.
  4. Eric

    Best mic for specific location

    I found the Sennheiser MKE-2 to be a fairly tight sounding lav mic. When I used the mic it was not hidden, but clipped on a men's suit jacket/blazer. Seemed less "open" to me than a COS-11. Please let us know how it goes.
  5. Eric

    Favorite CF Card reader with USB 3.0 interface?

    Cheap and cheerful Transcend has been reliable for years.
  6. Eric

    Wireless system for film shoot in Asia

    Did some shooting in Asia. I didn't seem to have any issues with Lectro blk 21 (537.600-563.100) and blk 25 (640.00-665.500) in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Sennheiser G3 range A (516-558) for scratch track in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  7. Eric

    Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    You can try Audio Services in Toronto, Canada. http://audioservicescanada.com/ They may be able to do it. They say it's complicated but do-able. However, with shipping, etc. it may be more cost effective to buy a used one.
  8. Congratulations. Oh the lack of sleep... If it's not your first then you know the drill. If not, it gets better every day. I know it's hard to grasp in the midst of sleep deprivation during the first bit, but please try to enjoy every minute of it. As Christian said, you'll blink and she'll be 4. Get those snuggles in!
  9. Eric

    Please help me around!!

    My personal picks are the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, Sennheiser HD25ii, or Beyer Dynamic DT250. Just goes to show people like a lot of different things for various reasons.
  10. Eric

    Rain Protection, salty water

    I have the pre merger Petrol poncho. Not pretty, but can save gear. It doesn't really breathe well, and some rain drops can obscure view of equipment. Has saved me many times in the rain. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1115084-REG/sachtler_sn606_rain_poncho.html Transparent plastic garbage bags have also worked. Poncho is my go to in rain. Keeps me and gear dry.
  11. Eric

    COS-11 windscreen

    Audio Services (Toronto) repaired the mesh on my COS11 when it came off a while ago.
  12. Eric

    Lectrosonics R1a to listen to individual talent mics

    iCom products have been used in the past. Recently the IC-R6. Mic freqs can be programmed in for talent mics and (if i remember correctly) they can be tuned quickly with the turn of a knob or button.
  13. Eric

    Equipment question for you pros!

    Communication as to what is required for your project audio/time code wise. Most of us (if not all) own audio gear. No audio gear is required unless the sound person you're working with asks for something specific.
  14. Eric

    Booming with a cloth cable

    Audio Services in Toronto made me a cloth covered jumper cable for my boom mic. I think they may still stock cloth covered mic cable. It may be thinner than the regular cable used for long runs (Canare 705, etc.) You can contact them to see if they have any of the cable you are looking for. audioservicescanada.com
  15. Eric

    Flight "personal item"

    Have flown in Canada with Petrol Eargonizer (large) with 664, rfs, batteries (and a book) as my only carry on. No issues. Also had security turn me back to check my Li-ion NP7s. Going against all I have read, but there it is.