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  1. I've been using a BST-75 for years without ever thinking about it. I have 12, 216 receivers tuned to ch 41 and they've worked perfectly until recently. I am working on a big set with lots of other rf from various departments and the director has complained that he experiences loud intermittent squealing while he is on set. I want to change the channel to let's say 44, because I know that another mixer has had success in a very similar situation with that channel at that location with virtually the same equipment from all departments. What do the 10 switch positions translate to on the chan
  2. I need a larger display for my cl-12/664 combo. Anyone have experience with the :wave and movieslate? The display on the 664 is so small. I need something I can see. Anyone have this setup with an iPad? Is it worth the 1000$ price tag on the :wave? Are the meters displayed?
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