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  1. This is odd and timely. My 664 has worked flawlessly since i ordered it during prerelease way back when. It is a gen one version, obviously. I'm currently on the road doing a boat load of political commercials in the Midwest. Yesterday it failed to boot on both internal AA and ext Li-on batteries. Everything disconnected. Cards out. Factory reset button pushed. No go. 😞 I had to record to camera-only all day (thank goodness it wasn't a Red) mixing with my 422. I borrowed a friend's 633 for today as my wife drives my 664 up to Reedsburg, WI for repair and a loaner 664. A 3.5 hour drive each way. I chose the $395 flat repair rate plus pre-authorized parts and consider this a good deal. Maybe not a good deal if you only need a knob or connector replaced but a great deal if my power circuit or logic circuit is fried. The Sound Devices guys have always been quick to respond to my calls and helpful. I own several products. Maybe i should pick up a 633 as people begin trading them in for 8 series recorders as a back up.
  2. Yup. Every shoot. Including sun screen and insect repellent.
  3. Hi, waxed paper pic below. Parchment paper does not work. I don't know what the substraight is made of but it is coated with wax on both sides.
  4. I use wax paper on the tubes. When i was a kid and my play slide was too slow, my dad said slide down a few times while sitting on wax paper. It worked really well at reducing friction even after removing the wax paper. It does the same for my boom poles. Just rub the extended tubes for a minute or two. P.S. I have to chuckle at your reference to a boom pole of 10 years of age as being old. Mine must be prehistoric.
  5. Make sure his bnc to 3.5mm cable is wired to a 3-pin connector using tip=hot, sleeve=ground. In the picture below, the cable on the left works fine on my Denecke boxes but it will not work on my Tentacles. I had to make new cables with tip, ring, sleeve for them to work.
  6. I definitely need to source more robust gloves. These were clear nitrile non-sterile medical worker gloves. I also need to find extra large. I have big paws with sausage fingers. I have belgian ancestry, lol.
  7. CineW, I couldn't agree more about current day final stage studio mixers stretching the bleeding edge of audio dynamics. The last 5 to 7 years i have had to have the remote in hand in order to gain up whispering dialog only to then hear nuclear bomb SPL sound from a roaring jet that blows my hair straight back as I mash the volume button down. I think these mixers get an evil pleasure from what they are doing. My next AV amp is going to have and AGC control. I have ranted about this before on this forum. I'll crawl back into my whole.
  8. Interesting developement. Warner Bros. will let film crews anonymously report on-set Covid-19 safety violations. https://gizmodo.com/warner-bros-will-let-film-crews-anonymously-report-on-1844446207
  9. General purpose medical gloves have no hope of lasting more than fifteen minutes on set. I was DP'ing and mixing sound on a bare bones shoot for a freelance crewing service in Des Moines, Iowa. Director and producer dialed into my Zoom feed for monitoring and direction. I took my temperature, wore a mask and wore gloves (for about 15 minutes). Mask mandates are by community in the States but all production companies i have worked with the past 60 days require distancing, masks, temperature monitoring and frequent sanitizing.
  10. Interesting but I'm willing to bet they too would suffer permanent hearing lose after mixing a Slipknot concert. LOL from Des Moines.
  11. Are you looking for fixpaks for Warp 4 or S/2 TCPIP updates for OS/2? Many years ago i used to program in OS/9 and 6809e assembly. Jason, OP, this thread has seemed to have strayed a bit from your original question but thanks for getting us started. JWSOUND is such a great forum. With great contributors of a vast array of knowledge. I am reminded to donate more money to keep it going. 😁
  12. Thanks Larry. I will contact you directly. I have the e-mails but i don't want to hold anyone's feet to the fire over this. I have simply learned to take the RF scan results with a grain of salt in some situations. I suppose that's what you sometimes get when you by used. Even from a reputable resale company. (I purchased it last year. The resale company refered me to this specific Lectro engineer who has since helped me with other issues so i have no complaint against him at all.) That being said, i am interested in a fw upgrade for the battery issue. Thanks again and thanks for all the Lectrosonics inovation over the years.
  13. Hi, tourtlot. Yes, i emailed back and forth with (name of engineer withheld) several times last year about the RSSI showing a very cluttered spectrum in the middle of a corn field. And i mean nearly solid clutter. He said i had a very early fw version that could contribute to the hot signal issue and did i notice that the battery reporting is inaccurate with fw v1.6? He recommended an update but the mother ship had about a six week backlog. Then, this year during the C19 outbreak, i thought this would be a great time to update the firmware. He wanted the equivalent of two bench hours to update the unit. Over $300. Dont get me wrong. I absolutely appreciate my Lectro gear, HM units, 411a units, SSM units, SRb units. I highly recommend the company and their products. I simply expected a less expensive fw upgrade path to address possibly known issues. In comparison, I have several Sigma lenses that worked fine on my FS7 but the electeonic iris control would not work on a new EV1. They performed a fw update free of charge.
  14. BAB414, About five years ago I too was told i had to have a 788t for a reality show because they needed eight lavs. I explained that i could mix 12 lavs with my 664. Didn't matter they had to have eight (insert slack-jawed wide-eyed gafaw). They, Cinefilx, rented me a 788t. I still chuckle when i think of it. I dont blame the producer. He only knew what he was told by someone in authority at the company. Most of them don't know gear. it's not their job.
  15. Jason, the answer is yes. One of my business segments is day-playing on scripted reality shows. There are several prod. companies who state on their spec sheet and as a condition of hire "no G3 wireless." As many of us, I started out many years ago with Senn G2 and G3 units. As I built my business I purchased Lectro SRb units, retired the G2 units and relegated the G3s as scratch track camera hops. As a side note, my only beef with Lectro is they want to charge me several hundreds of dollars to update the firmware that erroneously reports improper transmitter battery levels. Seems to me it should be more like $50 if anything at all.
  16. Lol, i thought about the old dry ice trick to contract the metal and raise the dented areas on my tube like the hail damage guys do on automobiles, for about 2 seconds. The problem is I can't extract the guts because of the dents. Repeated applications of heat and dry ice would not be good on the electronics.
  17. I too have a CMC with a dented tube (purchased used but sounds great) and simply want to make it look less beat up. I cannot extract the guts to pound out several dents because the indents disallow extraction of the guts. This Schoeps tube must be thinner walled than my numerous Sennheiser tubes. They are many years old and no dents. Of course i dont drop them but i have had boom ops smack them on props from time to time.
  18. And or use a free digital slate on your phone. Show it to each camera as you roll them. Dont have to roll all of them at the same time this way. This is Digital Slate.apk i have used in the past on my android phone for my gopros.
  19. In the 70's and 80's I had a 1963 Spyder (turbo) and sold it to buy a wedding ring, a 1964 Spyder (turbo with a Weber DCOE side draft racing carb.) and raced SCCA, regionally, with it, then bought a 1965 Spyder (stock four single-throat down-draft carburetors) and raced that too. Much faster off the line. I could smoke Porsche 411s, and stock Ford Mustangs (my usual competition). Yes, in 1964 Chevy fixed the problem of the Corvair being prone to flip over while parked in a driveway, lol. They added a transverse leaf spring to limit the movement of the rear swing axles. The same swing axle design the Volkswagen Beetle had used for gobs of years. In 1965 Chevy created a new design now using four wheel independent suspension very similar to a Jaguar suspension. My '65 handled beautifully. And with slight over-steer, due to the engine being in the correct location (in the rear), I could break the back end loose, swing the tail to the side of the apex of the curve and accelerate out of the curve while the Mustangs were still breaking. Tears of nostalgia are welling up as I type this. Those were great days. I had no money but I was having fun.
  20. I had my first shooting project since Feb 17 on May 14-15. Commercials with a US Senator. I provided wireless paks and lavs all dissenfected with Hydrogen Peroxide and bundled into new ziplock bags. I instructed her aid on how to place the lav, knowing i was going to mainly rely on my boom mic, and heard clothing rustle from the git go. After three takes of a walk and talk i couldnt stand it any longer and asked to rewire her myself. We were all wearing masks and she didnt object. No seperate toilets, no gloves provided. Seperate boxed lunches, bottled water, no crafty. Day two was a 13 hour day with five locations. The three producer/director/writer, flew in from the East coast. No grip, no gaffer. DP, AC and me sounding. Minimal lighing and we all chipped in.
  21. I still have two of those and they still work. Though the bottom one was frozen under two inches of ice in the trunk of my 1964 Spyder Corvair for a brief time and probably isn't within specs anymore. I painted these black years ago to use as props. I originally used them when i was shooting news in the early 80's.
  22. Nice looking box Paul. Last summer while I was looking on Amazon for a USB charger "for my actual boat" I came across that charger and thought the same as you. "I'll add one to my bag as well." That way I don't have to use a D-Tap to 5v converter anymore. Now both my boat and my SD664 bag have phone chargers. It has worked very nicely for the past 11 months. Great $12 investment. Kent
  23. Filed under "restoring a friend's old Korean War era Navy Band recitals." According to the American Chemical Society, reel to reel tape is prone to degradation, which has been a topic of active research for many years. It's well known that applying heat can often reverse the damage sufficiently to enable playback, usually by baking the tapes in an oven. Now scientists at the US Library of Congress have determined precisely why this method seems to work, presenting their findings earlier this month on the American Chemical Society's SciMeetings online platform. The primary culprit for the degradation is known as "sticky shed syndrome," in which the binders used in a magnetic tape to hold the iron oxide casing to the plastic carrier deteriorate. They form a sticky residue that can damage both the tape and playback equipment. [...] [E]xperiments showed that when a degraded reel-to-reel tape is heated, the sticky residues melt back onto the bulk polymer layer, rendering the tape playable once again. That's why 130F is the sweet spot for baking degraded tapes; it's the melting point for the residues. (This fix, however, only lasts several weeks. Plenty of time to digitize the media.) Article https://m.slashdot.org/story/370234
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