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  1. Senator..I have been an active financial member for 10 years and other than asking the academy for clarification what can be done.Old school..As a 30 year veteran of film and TV I dont see any different operating practices to day 1.You try to get the cleanest audio possible with the tools at your dispossal.I dont know if the day will come in my time.Henchman..for the 15 years I have been doing reality TV there has always been a sound supervisor on location coordinating many crews as well frequencies and equipment as well as being a sound mixer and to assume we all work ENG style shows an ignorance that I would not have expected from a judging panel.
  2. As production sound mixer and audio supervisor on Survivor I too would like to know why the listings are so limited.We used to be able to list all mixers, then only 4 mixers, then just the sound sup, musician and post mixer.Now just the post mixer.I was told since my credit read sound supervisor that made me ineligible I have asked for clarification but have had no response.It makes me wonder if they even read the submission notes.
  3. I use a swit battery sled for DSLR..it takes Sony L batteries and regulates them to 12V
  4. I rebuilt the transmitter list and it works well now
  5. The app is still crashing running Ver 2.11 on an iphone 4 if I try to add a frquency
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