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  1. I admire Arri for their product integrity - especially with regard to their digital cinema cameras. Arri cameras maintain a good deal of their value over the long haul, unlike some other manufacturers whose sole business model is planned [short term] obsolescence and product line bastardization. They don't make printers, microwave ovens, televisions or other consumer goods. They make products specifically for professional film/video applications.
  2. No lock-ups here. Outside in New England winter conditions last week (8 degrees F). Using Delkin 32GB CF1000X and SD600X cards. Mixer is performing wonderfully. No complaints. Me, on the other hand....
  3. I heard that they will be announcing a deal brokered between Senator Mike and Zaxcom. From now on, the Senator will be handling all Customer Service correspondence and technical questions.
  4. Andy, you've always struck me as an off-center kind of guy. Happy New Year!
  5. What card media are you using, out of curiosity? And, are you running the latest firmware (v1.01)?
  6. Awesome review, Jürg! +1 on everything you so accurately and comprehensively described.
  7. Are these bats unladen, African or European?
  8. I just want to take a pause here and simply say to all... Have a Joyous Holiday Season and may you all be blessed with good health in the coming year.
  9. Thank you for your dissertation on NeverClip, but I think that you missed the point, Glenn. If you go back and re-read what Rado was implying with his 'unscientific' and 'subjective' comparison on what device "sounds better", you would understand the point I was making. P.s. - chocolate has more dynamic range.
  10. Well, I am of the opposite opinion of Rado's with regard to the 633 vs Maxx. I happen to agree with Philip's [Perkins] less than stellar assessment of the Maxx's control layout, built-in wireless hop and virtual fader employment. I much prefer the build quality of the 633 over Maxx and feel that the 633's menu system is more intuitive and faster to access. As for joystick vs dual-function buttons, I prefer the joystick. It has never failed or gone into record mode accidentally on either of the SD products I've owned (552; 664). Lastly, the small push-in line level input pots (4,5,6) on the 633 are easy to use (mainly for additional wireless) and I have rather large hands and fingers. As a matter of course, I don't buy the argument that the Maxx sounds better than the 633, as there are too many variables to colour one's opinion. If you told me that you listened to the same EXACT recording of the EXACT same performance using the EXACT same input devices and then played back both examples of each recording device via a separate post-audio system in an anechoic chamber, then I might listen to your argument. Even then, it's purely subjective. Thanks for the photo size-comparison, however!
  11. It's all relative, actually... I used my 5D on a quick green screen job (I know, totally wrong camera for that) but it looked fine for the corporate talking head it was used for and, you know what...? Not long after, I watched a broadcast of THE LONGEST DAY over Veteran's Day weekend and witnessed probably some of the worst processed shots known to mankind -- and this was a major feature film (albeit 1962, but you get my point). The story comes first... the visuals only enhance.
  12. I find it amazing (and disturbing) how many shooters are already jumping on the 4K bandwagon. Here's the thing... The major manufacturers failed to sell their 3D wares on their cutting edge technology-consuming public, and it seems to have fizzled out with mainstream feature and television production. Therefore, like with so many other schemes designed to drive new technology forward (read: sell units), manufacturers are out to hype the "next best thing" - this "thing" now being 4K and beyond. Aside from large venue cinema projection, SFX and science/engineering applications, it makes little sense for the corporate/doc/newsmagazine/reality shooter to invest in 4K at this point, as this additional resolution holds far more expenses than benefits. This is just my personal opinion, of course, but consider this: In the past 3-years we have seen the trend in cameras move from small sensors to large sensors with shallower depth of field being an added benefit. This ability to separate subjects from their background environs has won the hearts and minds of DPs and producers alike. So why, pray tell, is everyone rushing out to have higher resolution soft focus backgrounds? Time will tell which way the 4K wind will blow, of course, but a camera like the new Arri Amira will certainly fill a very viable and useful role in production now and into the foreseeable future. I welcome it's practical application (for the rest of us), and am even more hopeful that better storytelling will begin to take precedence over technological gains.
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