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  1. I have found that Just recording on powerup is the safest. When I used to have them set up to receive the Record command. Zaxnets range has never been great so.... I’ve just gone with Recording all the time on the Transmitters.
  2. Well... if they weren’t still trying to sell RX200s that might have been an option
  3. The URX App mentioned in the initial release videos would be appreciated. As entering frequencies into presets manually is a bit taxing/clunky. Also, Stereo Audio out the TA5F would be much more ideal than unbalanced 3.5mm. And would then allow for that extra 3.5mm antenna!
  4. I have owned an ambient Slate, a Denecke TSC and a Denecke TS3. I prefer the Denecke TSC. The nice thing about the ambient was the removable faceplate. For when you wanted a larger slate. With The way productions and technology are going, smaller and more compact are generally preferred with every piece of gear. I generally travel with an insert slate with sticks, rather than a full-size slate.
  5. I own two 8060s they are great Mics. They can have a bit of handling noise. I have MZF8000 Filters on mine.
  6. KGraham045


    The rotary encoders are what I’m most excited about.
  7. If your doing “standard” corporate and low budget stuff get the Black Magic. They work great
  8. I got 2 of them. They are excellent and have the ability to improve workflow
  9. Hahahaha, well hopefully it’s the last time.
  10. With that being said. I use both QRX200 and QRX100. And they are both great units.
  11. I use these as well. I prefer having the boom TX at the bottom as well
  12. Cosmetic issues are just as important as functional issues. Having gear that looks well taken care of is an important part of running any business and presenting yourself as a professional. Also, think about resale. I take allot of pride in my gear and if I decide to sell a mic that has missing paint and looks beaten up. It’s going to drop the resale price by quite a bit..
  13. Sennheiser USA is where I’ve sent my 8060s in previously
  14. I was told by Sennheiser that they would look at this on a case by case basis. I’m planning on mailing a couple of mine in at a time.
  15. Really good work! It’s a joy to watch!
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