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  1. KGraham045

    Border Microphone / Bodge job

    Yes generally mixers have and use plant mics when needed
  2. KGraham045

    Advice on MKH 8040s and 8050s

    I’m my experience the 8050s don’t have a whole lot of reach.
  3. KGraham045

    ORcart shelving

    I’ve had my ORCart for a couple years now and overall I have very few complaints. But recently my shelving has started to kind of fall apart. Does anyone elese have this issue? Has anyone modded the shelving or anything?
  4. KGraham045

    Favorite Slate

    I have both a Denecke TSC and an Ambient ACD. I have owned the Denecke TS3 as well. Gotta say I like the TSC.
  5. KGraham045

    Rates, rates, rates

    Those rates are not reasonable. $500 a day including kit is too low for a major brand spot..
  6. KGraham045

    New wireless TX deviation rules October '18

    What about the CL900?
  7. KGraham045

    Zaxnet 2.0

    That’s amazing! Thanks Glenn
  8. KGraham045

    Euro Cart Tablet Mount

    I got a good deal on a TW800. I’m looking for a tablet mount for my nomad Touch/ Euro Cart. Wandering if someone could recommend one. Thanks!
  9. KGraham045

    Cedar DNS 2 Digital I/O

    Anyone use the Digital I/O of the Cedar DNS 2? I have a AES Snake with TA5F connections for my Nomad 12a digital I/O. Is there an adapter that I can use to convert my TA5F to XLR to use the Digital I/O of the Cedar? Trying to not have to purchase another digital snake... Thanks
  10. KGraham045

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Why don’t you rent each? And test drive them?
  11. I do a TRX 743 Transmitter on bottom of the pole with a KTek Right Angle Adapter
  12. KGraham045

    Show me your bag

    No balanced outputs, only 1 set of outputs eaten up by IFB. Cant use Inputs 5&6 bc It’s 5&6 or TC input.... I liked the Idea, but in reality it’s too simple lol. Not enough Routing options. The K Tek bag just needs a bit more space. Like a space for a battery, BDS and a couple small accessories.
  13. KGraham045

    Show me your bag

    I got a Mix Pre 6 rig to use as a small “tiny rig” While I like certain aspects of the rig (mainly weight) I find it a bit limiting in its feature set... same with the KTek Mixpro bag. While I like the rig and bag, it’s a bit too minimal
  14. KGraham045

    Zaxcom RX4900 Power input

    I’m looking to power a RX4900 off of my cart. What type of power connector does the RX4900 require?
  15. KGraham045

    Zax RX4900 modulations