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  1. Yes you can provide power to 2 mics
  2. Just as I figured reading the original post kinda sounded like you were overthinking it…glad it worked out. I’d love to check out the end result.
  3. If it’s less than a month old then it should be under warranty.
  4. I’m on a shoot with an Alexa Mini. And I’m sending a Stereo Feed to camera from an RX200. Everything sounds great and I’m running TC so syncing my original audio won’t be an issue. But When looking at the original video clips in Resolve and QuickTime, it shows that there are 5 audio tracks. Obviously 3 tracks contain no data but I’m just curious as to why this is happening? the only audio inputs I know of on the Alexa Mini are 2 Line level analog inputs and that’s all I can find in the menus/manual. Alexa mini firmware is 5.4.13. It’s not a big deal, just would like some insight.
  5. Yes Using QRX200s with the RF Loop out. Going digital I/O AES.
  6. I started using halter tech. Field monitors.. just a single earbud. I got tired of carrying actual headsets.
  7. I pull out my backup kit at least once every 6 months And use it as a primary rig for a single day just to make sure everything is in order.
  8. Yes, but your rates are a bit low... you should match their rates for the same time/kit, to not undercut them. Also, If the production needs a grip or a swing and you want the work market yourself as such. If they need sound and you want to do it, market yourself as a sound department.
  9. I have found that Just recording on powerup is the safest. When I used to have them set up to receive the Record command. Zaxnets range has never been great so.... I’ve just gone with Recording all the time on the Transmitters.
  10. Well... if they weren’t still trying to sell RX200s that might have been an option
  11. The URX App mentioned in the initial release videos would be appreciated. As entering frequencies into presets manually is a bit taxing/clunky. Also, Stereo Audio out the TA5F would be much more ideal than unbalanced 3.5mm. And would then allow for that extra 3.5mm antenna!
  12. I have owned an ambient Slate, a Denecke TSC and a Denecke TS3. I prefer the Denecke TSC. The nice thing about the ambient was the removable faceplate. For when you wanted a larger slate. With The way productions and technology are going, smaller and more compact are generally preferred with every piece of gear. I generally travel with an insert slate with sticks, rather than a full-size slate.
  13. I own two 8060s they are great Mics. They can have a bit of handling noise. I have MZF8000 Filters on mine.
  14. The rotary encoders are what I’m most excited about.
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