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  1. KGraham045

    Zaxcom Fader Motion Capture for Deva 24

    While this is cool, I have a couple thoughts... Doesnt an AAF re-render and create new wave files? I try and use EDLs for assembly to have original files... Also, wouldn’t fixing the Mix track be more easily done by using the remix feature? You could have edited the ISO’s for the whole edit in the same amount of time it took to correct the fader movements of one take...
  2. KGraham045

    Camera Mic recomendations for a DSLR

    I’ve used the cheap rode DSLR mics. If it’s just for scratch and your going strait to camera it’s pretty strait forward and will get u what you need.
  3. KGraham045

    Camera Hops

    I have a CL3 and 3 RX200s. And I have 2 modded ERX2TCDs I generally just use as lockits. Everything I work on is generally TC synced and if they pay for it I’ll provide a full UHF Stereo Hop. But in general I always provide at least a mono scratch feed and/or TC. And then provide Wavs for post to sync if wanted/needed.
  4. I have 2 416 and 2 8060. The 416s are fine for general foley
  5. KGraham045

    Recommendations for Recording Exercise Audio

    Head mounted mic.
  6. KGraham045

    Most common microphones on set?

    If it matches, the re recording mixer wouldn’t have a problem... and you don’t have to destructively add the EQ... Every production is different. But if you have a Cos 11 a 416 and a 50. Your covered on quite a few bases... but Sennheiser, scheops, DPA, Countryman, Sanken are all pretty common choices.
  7. KGraham045

    Most common microphones on set?

    I get that you would want to use the exact same mic as production but it’s still a different signal path. As long as you have some decent options (sounds like you do) you should be able to eq a bit and make the ADR work...
  8. KGraham045

    Zaxcom RX200 and TRX743 stereo

    The only issue I have with doing Ambience/SFX with a TRX is that it tops out at 16k. Which isn’t really a issue, but for the price of a TRX743/RX200 combo I ended up getting a 2nd Recorder. Which I find more useful for ambience and SFX capture. With that being said I do own 3 TRX 743 and 3 RX200. And both are great.
  9. KGraham045

    Kit provided by production

    Yeah, I’m not sure what their agreement was. But it’s the kind of show that has their mixer run off and wire talent while they have a PA Boom non important OTFs strait to camera.... its funny too bc all the cameras have a TC module but they don’t have lockits...
  10. KGraham045

    Kit provided by production

    I am on a union reality show and Kit was provided... by VER of course... Production decided to shoot in the rain for 8+hours and no proper rain gear was provided just trash can liners. First thing to go was the IFB TX. So the producers and director were not happy...now the kit definitely has rain built up in the mixer and RXs. At least the Shotgun was a 416 which withheld the water abuse... production expected me to mix 7 wireless and randomly boom with characters in and out of scene all from a bag while standing in the rain chasing cameras.... I explained to them I can’t mix through a trash liner in the dark and production seems pretty pissy about the gear having water damage... We shouldn’t be shooting in the rain but this entire situation could have been avoided by having a boom op on wireless.... and mixing from a cart under a pop up tent with antenna distribution and a couple shark fins... I just wanted to vent but out of curiosity how do others handle this?
  11. KGraham045

    Recording a three man band with a 664

    Drums just do OH L OH R and Kick. Or if possiable get stems/sub mixes or iso tracks from the FOH mixer. then get Guitar, Bass and Vox. or use a small mixer to create stems/ Submixes...
  12. KGraham045

    Plug on choosing issue

    The 742/743 And CL are my 2 Fav pieces of gear!
  13. KGraham045

    What is your spare recorder

    I own 2 Maxx’s and a Nomad 12. Depending on the job I swap primary for backup.
  14. KGraham045

    Border Microphone / Bodge job

    Yes generally mixers have and use plant mics when needed
  15. KGraham045

    Advice on MKH 8040s and 8050s

    I’m my experience the 8050s don’t have a whole lot of reach.