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  1. my (limited) experience with sound blankets has been this: i might have the 'best' blankets and some knowledge of acoustics but i also will need: an understanding and patient DoP, an understanding and accomadating Gaffer, an undrestanding and helpful set dresser, an understanding and helpful AD, enough time, room and assistance to hang the blanket(s) where i think might be the right place. i may as well play the lottery as i will have a better chance of winning than having all those things at exactly the right time when i need them on a scripted shoot! but hey, if you dont play you wont w
  2. "I also think muttering is something we could have a look at." well it seems to me that even here in Germany there is an epidemic of actors whispering, mumbling or who are too busy trying to project an affected vocal performance. so often i have to deal with actors standing meters apart from eachother in a scene and whispering their dialogue as if talking only to themselves, and this even in scenes happening in bars or discos when later in post loud ambience and music will be pasted on top. and sometimes when i have intervened the directors say to me: "well, i can understand what t
  3. thanks Jim, i suddenly dont feel so alone anymore!! :-) Siddho
  4. ok, i am being a nerd and this is possibly way too easy but, anyway, spot the mistake in this screen-grab from the current OJ Simpson series:
  5. i just got myself an OR 34. it has almost all the new features Chris mentioned and yes, it is a magnificent bag; the best i have had - and i have had a few over the years. i, too, can highly recommend them.
  6. Jack, i do get it that both mix tracks will be available and in sync but, unless something extremely clever is going on, then a badly mixed track and the Mixahead track will be as good or bad or as useful or useless as eachother unless the recorded take has identical miss-timed fader moves on all those moves within the take, i.e. when all the fade ups and downs within a take are identically late. again, maybe i have misunderstood something but the marketing blurb:"the advantage of knowing the future" does imply something more than just a set delay to compensate for late fader moves!
  7. i must be missing something but some immediate question are: what happens to those takes in which some of my fader moves are good and other slightly late? this happens to me often in improvised scenes: i can preempt some moves perfectly but will miss others. does this mean that neither my mix track nor the mixahead track will be good? is there some intelligent algorithm comparing good level (ie. dialogue) against background level in real time and hence making decisions as to when my fader moves were good and when not? what happens if my fade ups are late and the corr
  8. Jeff, have you done something? this morning, 24th of Feb, everything is suddenly fine! pages load instantly. :-) cant believe it. great stuff. hope it stays this way. many thanks.
  9. same here. i am in Köln. on a windows 7 with Firefox or an iPad or an iPhone.... the pages take ages to load... up to 15 seconds sometimes. some days everything is almost ok but most days very slow. bloody annoying!
  10. its called advertising! but the info is of interest non-the-less.
  11. hi Matt, thanks for your reply. i will send the settings to SD tomorrow. and yes, when i get the warning, the system time and date are correct and dont need any resetting or further correction, although i have tried both resetting the date and time and ignoring the warning, both to no avail. regards, Siddho ps. on the PC Waveagent also shows the dates to be 32/12/235.
  12. since i updated to firmware 1.04 i am getting some very strange metadata on my CF card with the SD633. i have posted on the SD forums and am waiting a concrete reply but i though i might ask here incase anyone is also noticing this behaviour. the problem: on the CF card the date stamp is set to 32/12/235!!! and the time stamp to 00:00. everything else, including the timecode, is correct. on the SD card, for the identical take, all is ok apart from the date stamp which is set to the end of the recording and not the start (as i guess is should be). also, occasionally, i get
  13. i too have noticed a few problems with 1.04. my solution - which seems to be working so far - was to re-install 1.04 and then reset my settings to factory default and go from there as if from day one, make all settings new and save them. this got rid of all the small glitches i was having, including an intermittent keyboard. my guess is 1.04 doesnt like to work with setups saved in 1.02. makes sence somehow.
  14. thank you very much for taking the time and replying to my post Chris. i hope my comments might help improve your new AO bags. i have already sent mine back and am waiting for my refund. i think i will stick with my trusty old Petrol 602 until something better (and readily available here in Europe) comes along. but still, i have to stay, that i was/am very taken with the design and the concept of the AO1.5, if not with its execution. i hope you will improve the production quality and then i will certainly try again. all the best and please, no hard feelings!
  15. thanks Brian. but on the Porta Brace site the sizes for the two bags are slightly different: the AO1.5 is apparently sligtly wider (width) and that is why i ordered it. it is also supposed to come with 4 extra dividers. and yes, i have owned several Porta Brace bags over the years and they have been near immaculate. that is why i was so disappointed this time.
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