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  1. I contact Thomann.de and they tell me that the t.bone IEM 200 don't work with sk500 G4 or other from Sennheiser. Any one try this t.bone model. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a PSC Solice Mini, is it worth the price? Since it's been a long time since I left, I'd like your opinion. I will use with the SD633. Thank you
  3. Great app Enviado do meu XT1068 através de Tapatalk
  4. Hello, It appear to be humidity in machine, some times i have same problem in SD552, SD are more sensible than older versions machines.
  5. Anyone have Petrolbag for 633? http://www.petrolbags.com/product/PS607
  6. OR30 looks great for SD633, better than portabrace....
  7. New RX4. https://www.izotope.com/en/products/audio-repair/rx/
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