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  1. How about this with DPA 4060s: http://www.dpamicrophones.com/microphones/dvice/mma-a-digital-audio-interface At least very compact!
  2. Hi I have red and experienced little different. http://beachtek.com/wireless-comparison-rodelink-vs-sennheiser-ew100/ I have used filmmaker kit as camera hop and did it's job. In mic use, OK, mic could be better compared to DPA, MKE Gold, Cos etc. but hey, you will get the whole set at price of one DPA lavalier-mic. I have not noticed wifi-booster effects etc. I ran it to Sound Devices 788T. Also fed it from SD 788's unbalanced 5,6 out to transmitter ---) receiver to camera. Had no problems.
  3. Yeah, thanks for sharing. I would love to hear opinion about range and latency. BT 4.0 tech offers better range so interested to hear your experience.
  4. Looks and sounds little bit odd...
  5. No. Please, do not take a sentence out of a whole. I was referring to the recorders Pre's and quality of them. And yes, with "beta-versions" I was referring to "early production units", that's the reason I asked about"news" in general, but one clearly did not know how to read between the lines. Yes, I can and I use google daily. I am also aware other forums too. And about Pro-sumer products, there are plenty of topics and good "hands-on" info about Pro-sumer products in JWS forum so please ... It would be nice to me and the others not to pollute JWS topics if you don't have the REAL answers etc. Thanks!
  6. Hhmm... "there are other, perhaps better, forums" Sorry. I have got great information from this forum. Great professionals sharing their experiences from this and that. Many times manufacturers send some copies of the "beta-versions" to selected users to beta-test and they are allowed to share their opinions. Maybe you should find an amateur site where you can post your "not so clever" answers, maybe you will find soul mates there. "you should keep in touch with TASCAM" When you are talking with manufacture representative you normally get adjectives like: "gorgeous", "magnificent", "unbelievable", "super" etc. They are sellers. That's why I asked about Pro-opinion. I'm heavy user of Sound Devices 788T, MixPre D, Lectro wireless, Sennheiser mics etc. but there are cases when you get job done with lighter kit: Tascam DR-70D???, Roland R-26 even with Zoom H4N etc. "You get what you pay for" but sometimes "you get paid very well even you are using semi-pro set", if you are capable to squeeze from the product and hit the goal. Like cameras. Arri Alexa is fantastic camera and giving superior picture but some times Canon 5D etc. will get the job done. And I noticed that there seems to be also others who are interested of this product.
  7. Hi there! Is there any news about Tascam DR-70D? I'm very interested to hear about Pre's...are they clean enough or is it just one H4N in a different package.
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