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  1. *** Update for future search *** Just came back from Milan, Italy. I worked with 3 units of Lectrosonics Block 26 and it was pretty dirty - at any new location I did a scan and found 3 "clean" frequencies, it is possible to find them but if you have a better option I wouldn't recommend to work with this block. All the best, Nir
  2. Sounds bad for me, thanks for the information.
  3. Hi guys, Anyone have any experience in Milan, Italy - with Lectrosonics Block 21 and Block 26? I have read some posts about Milan, but all I found is two years old and according to those posts the RF environment over there is not so great, I'm looking for some up to date information. Thank you very much, Nir
  4. *** update for the next time someone will look for this information *** I just came back from Paphos, Cyprus and I used Lectrosonics block 21 & 26 - both of them were clear as crystal water.
  5. Hello guys, Does anyone here have experience with Lectrosonics in Paphos, Cyprus? I have shooting over there and I wonder if my blocks would be clear there - I use Block 21 and 26. Cheers, Nir
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for an external gooseneck mic with TA3 connector to function as a slate mic with the 664. Anyone have any recommendation? Best regards, Nir
  7. Nir

    Dpa slim

    Olle, how do you mount it without the concealer?
  8. Nir

    Dpa slim

    Hi Vas, I'm familiar with Jeff's post. But, since it is an "old" post, I'm looking for some new feedback from people how actually working with the Slim already for a some time.
  9. Nir

    Dpa slim

    Hey guys, After several months that the Slim is on the market I would like to hear from your experience some feedback. How is the color of the mic? Is it easy to work with it? how is the concealers? Does the "button hole holder" works good? Since the mic's grill is also open in the front (and not only in the upper-side like at the 406x) how does it work with Rycote over/under covers? Thank you and Best regards, Nir
  10. Nir

    Recording puppeteers

    Hi everyone, I would like to thank you for the help and tips that you suggested. just finished the series and after several tests I found that the headband was the best solution for this project. Here are some pictures: You can see the headband with the pocket that I sewed in order to prevent some wind sound. Inside it I stick dpa lav with a concealer.
  11. Nir

    Recording puppeteers

    Great reference, thank you.
  12. Nir

    Recording puppeteers

    Thank you very much for the answers.
  13. Hello friends, Next month I begin a short film, which based on puppet show with three puppeteers. The entire set will take a place in a studio and the puppeteers will move in ״burrows" - therefore, I would use lavalieres. At the beginning, I thought to mic the puppeteers as usual - at the chest. But, probably they will look up for the puppets (as you can see at the reference that I attached) and it will affect the sound. so, now I'm thinking to mic them at the forehead, with a forehead sweat band - so no matter to where they will look, the mic always will "follow" them. I would like to hear your advice, from your experience. p.s - I used in the past headset, but I didn't really liked it. Thank you very much, Nir
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