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  1. ​Why would you? Dynamic range is 106dB! Everything you always wanted to know about Sony DWX: DWX-SI GUIDE V1.pdf
  2. Also interesting to know is that rack receivers have antenna distribution built in. You can loop several receivers. Power for active antennas is also provided. 9 or 12v to compensate long cable loss.
  3. No, I bought them new! Forget list prices; just ask for a decent quote. In total we bought 16 channels, a nice combinatoin of beltpacks, plug-ons, rmu's, 19" receivers and small receivers) I have 3 rackmounted receivers on my cart. The whole cart is powered by a Meon LiFe: 3 Sony's, Sonosax, LCD monitor, ... 2 small receivers in my bag with old SD442 & 744. Also at 12V DC.
  4. ​I paid about $ 2900 per channel for my 19" rack receivers, remote control and bodypacks and plug-on. Power consumption: I use Panasonic Eneloop 2500mAh or Ansmann 2850mAh at 50mW. In general you can run them for at least 6 hours. Which is fine. We start in the morning and change batteries after lunch. Easy.
  5. Jeff, I’ve compared Lectro, Wisycom, Zaxcom and Sony. Only Zaxcom and Sony are “true digital” and my conclusion was: - Both systems are sounding great. The Sony’s even a bit more silent. Dynamic range is great. Amazing after all those years of compressed wireless sound! - range of the Sony’s @50mW equals Zaxcom @125mW. When I’m close to te set, I often switch my wireless booms to 1mW without drops! - remote control: Sony is using the 2.4GHz Zigbee-protocol, which is close to the WiFi band. All receivers are on a network switch, and remote Zigbee transmitters are on the same network. Each “RMU” has a 50 ft range. So you can put a 2nd RMU by connecting it by an standard ethernet cable, or just move your RMU closer to the actors. - you can control: RF Power [1/10/50mW], Mic/Line in, Gain [in 3dB steps], Phantom power 48V [only on Plug-On], Sleep mode, Scanning free frequencies, Scan used channels, Rename TX, Lock TX… All this on a big OLED display. - Controlling the Zaxcoms is far more difficult if you don’t use a Zax-recorder. I was struggling with an IFB200 on a small screen, pressing gain - & +, and not sure if the command ever arrived, not sure at what level was. - I am mixing on a Sonosax SXST and recording on a 788T. And if I ever will replace my 788T, I guess it will be a CantarX3. So Zaxcom wireless wasn’t an option for me. - I preferred the 19” receivers as they have a build in antenna distributor and more TX control features than the small receivers. - Pricing: here in Belgium, systems with small receivers are cheaper than Zaxcom, systems with 19” receivers are a bit more expensive. Indeed, there are not that many users. But after I tried them, I was convinced. I’ve been out on a shoot for a new series for 100 days now and I’m sure I made the best choice.
  6. Hi Ron, I'm using the DWX system for half a year now. I have 3 19" receivers (6 channels) with total control of the transmitters. And for bag-use I have another 2 small receivers. I'm very happy with the dynamic range and frequency response. I've never had any radio hits from walkies. I just did an extra test: Sony transmitter even at 1mW and walkie at 5 watt, almost touching the receiver antenna's: NO DROP AT ALL !
  7. - when will the X3 be available? - what about the new cantarem?
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