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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to working with Arri cameras. I want to send a wireless Audio signal to the camera through a wireless transmitter/receiver. I saw on the manual an audio input in front of the camera. I bought a cable and I want to make sure its the right one. Its a 1/8'' TRS Right Angle to 00B 5 Pin Lemo I didn't know there were different size lemo connectors as I've only used the ones for timecode. The one I bought looks tiny! The diameter of the connector is 5mm and it has 5 pins. Would it work with the Arri Alexa mini? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, I'm about to work on a project that requires syncing the audio devices mix pre 10 to the Arri alexa mini LF. Question 1: Do I need a time code generator or will plugging the mix pre to the Arri be enough to sync up/jamm the time codes? Question 2 From what I read. Once synced they can stay in sync for 8 hours. If batteries are changed on the Arri or the mix pre. Do time codes need to be re synched? We will be using 2 cameras. Very new to time code and arri Any advice would help. Thank you so much!
  3. I ended up borrowing another 416 just to compare and they sound the same. I only tested it indoors so I imagine outdoors other sounds will mask any hiss anyways. Thanks for the replies everyone!
  4. @Rick ReinekeThanks for your reply Rick, I hope its not fake Bought from bax-shop.co.uk Ill check just in case! Thanks @Mobilemike I thought that too, just not sure as I've never had one before. I uploaded to WeTransfer now https://we.tl/t-wXeCNBytSW
  5. Seems like the wav files above don't play. I've attached as a Zip file. Thanks! 884974146_Mictests.zip
  6. Hi Everyone, I've recently purchased a brand new Sennheiser 416 p48 A much needed upgrade from my Rode ntg4 I noticed the Sennheiser 416 has a bit of hiss on the higher frequencies. I wanted to know if this is normal or if I should get a replacement. I've attached a sample recording and a screen shot of a frequency analyser. Of both 416 and ksm 137 for comparison. I thought it may be my preamp but when I compare to my Shure ksm 137 the high frequency noise is not there. Which rules out noisy cables also. The Shure ksm 137 has 14dba Self noise and the 416 has 13 dba. The 416 just sounds noisier? Can anyone take a quick look an let me know if the noise is normal? Thanks so much!!! Jimmy Sennheiser 416 Test.wav Shure Ksm 137 Test.wav
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