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    I have been in the film industry since 1995 and have a multitude of production experiences ranging from film shorts, commercial, ENG/Reality TV, feature films and more. My expertise is in production sound as a sound mixer and boom operator.

    I am fluent in English and Spanish.
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  1. Molly, I'm guessing is with this job shooting on Disney, called and left me a message. I don't know what the deal is. I'm not union and I've really not done utility work since the 90's. So, I'm not sure if she called me to do it or to get a lead on people. I left her a message and a text.
  2. Here is the list of sound people that are in Florida. You should be able to see which cities. Sound and Video Dept 120920.pdf
  3. I wish the camera department had to this on every camera file internally like we do. But, npe, they'd have a conniption.
  4. Well, yes this is possible. Again, possible. Do I recommend it? Nope. Have I done this? Yep. Did I like it? Hell no. It's one thing doing a small indie little project as a one man band but they have to realize the limitations of that. Playing back once in a while or at very most providing IFB so they can listen to takes as they happen is probably best and even that is saying a lot. Charge appropriately for it. Again, I'm reading "playback and earwigs with recorded dialogue" as something in it of itself as some sort of listening need. I haven't had too much experience with ear wigs but normally those are for dance sequences and in some cases hidden camera shoots to be able to talk to on camera talent. I've never had that request simply so other can listen to recorded dialogue. I do shoots all the time as a one man band (trust me I don't like it and I'd rather have an assistant the entire time but they don't ever want to pay for it) and utilize my ERX's for IFB assistive listening. But these are 1 day corporate ENG shoots. Not a whole feature. As a standard, features need to have at least 2 person sound team or they're really wasting money and time.
  5. aginzo


    I wouldn't look at it as complaints. It's constructive criticism. Mine is not about 1 product in particular. I really just would like to see Zaxcom finally utilize Apple iOS products like iPhone and iPad capability to be able to severely attack competitiveness of Sound Devices.
  6. aginzo


    "...and don't get me started on the Windows based Touch." Yeah, that's one of biggest pet peeves. I wished they'd gotten on board with Apple a long time ago. I feel like they might be a little sensitive about Apple smart technology.
  7. This is the one I have and it works pretty well. https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=931-1119-ND I also purchased this amp for around $50 and it seems to do well. I power it from an external USB battery. https://shop.hak5.org/collections/hak5-field-kits/products/hak5-long-range-wifi-field-kit
  8. aginzo


    Are you kidding me? UGGGH!!! I hate that I don't have money for this. Basically replacing the need to buy like 3 different units. I don't even have enough to sell to get close to getting what I need to buy this thing.
  9. aginzo


    I'm disgusted...mainly because I want one and I don't think I'll be able to afford. Does anyone know what a Nomad 10 and a QRX would go for? I have to keep my TRX's. I'm not totally sure I;d want to pull the trigger but I'm rather curious.
  10. Oh of course. It wasn't ever an issue for me. My little guy has a 6 year birthday and we're driving to Legoland. Woo hoo!!! Beat that NAB!!!!
  11. Well, I just got the final word from the wife. I can't make it out. She wants me to spend our money on a trip with the kids. We haven't done one in about 2 years so unfortunately, I can't make it. I also wanted to let you know so you don't have an extra RSVP waiting in the wings unless something changes between now and then.
  12. I have RSVP'd but still working out the details on being able to attend. I will make sure to confirm if I do not. Trying to get the possibility of doing an overnight stay 9-10. Short trip but I really want to attend. I enjoyed myself so much with all of the sound brethren in 2017.
  13. This is the same listing that was posted on Facebook that every male sound mixer was up in arms about. Holy cow. The male ego. How precious.
  14. Off topic. I didn't realize your store was in Oakland Park. My brother is a firefighter for Oakland Park.
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