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    I have been in the film industry since 1995 and have a multitude of production experiences ranging from film shorts, commercial, ENG/Reality TV, feature films and more. My expertise is in production sound as a sound mixer and boom operator.

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  1. This is the same listing that was posted on Facebook that every male sound mixer was up in arms about. Holy cow. The male ego. How precious.
  2. Off topic. I didn't realize your store was in Oakland Park. My brother is a firefighter for Oakland Park.
  3. I've had 2 of these for over 15 years. Neither have ever broken nor have they fallen on top of anyone's head. I own a C-Stand and if you properly tighten and set it up so that the weight goes towrds the "tighten" side. You should be golden. Just use common sense and try to set up before talent is to sit down. Oh yes, regardless use a sandbag on the high leg. These run about $10 at your local Walmart and they are in the sporting section by the marine stuff I believe. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Attwood-Sure-Grip-Rod-Holder-5060-3/16203685
  4. When is it? Are they paying for travel? What's the rate?
  5. I can't take credit for this by the way. This is not something I did. I can't remember who these guys are.
  6. This is a wheel idea that I have been thinking about doing in my Olympia cart. However, it would need to be able to pull out the folding cart part of it in order to still have a way to put in a small vehicle.
  7. That is rather cool. Makes me want to create one of those. Is a lot of that machined parts?
  8. I have an LT 400 216 receiver for sale. I used to use them with Comtek. They are compatible. I still have one left for sale.
  9. I would love an excuse to travel to Charleston, NC. Get me out of Florida!!!
  10. Well, it's in the idea stages just right now. I got to get some cash first before I can build it. But I will get with you when I am closer. Thanks.
  11. Yes, and in the future, I am adding a few more things, possibly. I'd also like to be able to have a USB charge station and possibly have a way to power a video monitor and maybe my laptop. For now just what's in the bag. Of course, I will keep primarily bag powered. I'm thinking more along the lines of having a backup power in situations where I can't charge my bag batteries and I am on a cart. It does happen sometimes.
  12. Pretty sweet. Sounds heavier than I wanted but it looks like a quality build.
  13. I have been wanting to build an external battery to use with my Zaxcom bag rig consisting of a Nomad 10 and Zax wires (QrX200 and 2 TRX's) for days when I am not needing to carry the bag and I can use my small cart. I'd like to keep in a small pelican type case and I am thinking along the lines of making it so I can power to my BDS so it would be a fast switch over from my bag batteries. I've been doing my own research around and trying to figure out the right setup when it comes to voltage, watts, amps, etc. I am a complete amateur at this so please forgive my ignorance. Like I said I have done some research but I wanted to also get some advice from the great sound community we have here. I have also tried to seek out past posts on here but haven't really found quite what I am looking for. I did find this post that seemed promising. http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/9087-dc-pelican-battery/& Your vast and valuable knowledge is most appreciated. Thanks.
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