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  1. Did anyone ever record dialogue or interviews with the sanken cms-50? thoughts on that? How would it compare to the cms-10?
  2. Does anyone use the Cinela LEO-20-MS? What suspension would you use with this windshield? If yes, could you post some images of this setup, please? And btw, the Sanken CMS-10 you can get with the M/S-matrix out. There is also a switchable version between L/R and M/S out. It's a great mic, I have it since years and love the sound quality, as well as the size and weight. And I love the fact that both capsules are simply in one body.
  3. Moved topic to the sales section:
  4. I am selling my Zaxcom TRXFB3 block 23-26 transceiver. It has a special firmware by howy on it, that allows timecode signal out additionally to the monitor signal on the minijack. Looks like new, used only on one 3-week-shooting. Pricepoint: $1,695.00 including economy shipping worldwide (new $1,995.00).
  5. Thanks jhharvest. With echo %Year%Month%Day%Hour%Minute.%Seconds I get the exact same line as output as the input. I wouldn't want to set it to the TRXLA2 basic.
  6. I tried it now. I typed into mac terminal: touch -t %Year%Month%Day%Hour%Minute.%Seconds (( and the real/Path/To/File )) Doing this I get the the message: touch: out of range or illegal time specification: [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS] What am I doing wrong? Btw: the creation date on the files that the TRXLA2 writes is always 11/16/2000 8:59. - for all files.
  7. The release date was set to August. Any news on when the TRXFB is shipping?
  8. Looking for a TRX742 block 26. Preferably with a 5-pin stereo-plug. Now the TRX743 is on the doorstep, anyone interested in selling it?
  9. 1+2: fantastic! Thanks Zaxcom! 3: Too bad, I am waiting for years for such a feature, a 3,5mm plug with TC/Monitor out. Seams I'll have to wait for the TRX744 and keep on using other recorder on camera:-(. See discussion here:
  10. - So the generation 3 transmitters will be able to transmit on the old standard as well, correct? - Will the TRX743 record in stereo? - Will there be a Timecode/Mono out on the TRX743?
  11. This is to type into the mac terminal?! Will it change just the behaviour on Zaxcovert? Or something else?
  12. Should Zaxcom be listening: setting the interval would be great!
  13. So how do the user bits translate to the mirrored files? And how to set the file date when you import with ZaxConvert?
  14. Is there a possibility to read out the date off the .zax files? Would be essential that all recorded clips are marked with the date recording date, and not when they are transferred to computer. Same thing should also apply to mirroring clips and clips recorded on TRXLAs and the like. That would probably mean the date metadata would have to be transmitted by zaxnet, because the TRXLA don't have an internal clock, right? Is there such a thing?
  15. Did you read the manual? Yes. Did you go through all the menus? Yes. What transmitter are you using to the qrx235? Normally I am using the TRXLA2. But in this case I want the QRX235 only as a feed for TC to Zaxnet, so all TRXs and ERXs are synched to the rest of the equipment. Does the qrx235 have a qifb zaxnet board? Yes. Cable! It might be the cable. I connected both tips in the minijack, so I can use the cable as in and out. It worked on a nomad. But maybe I got to test two different cables with the sound devices or with the camera tc out.
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