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  1. Hi everyone! I possibly have the opportunity to purchase a Deva IV for my cart as a backup recorder. I currently run a 01v96 with a 788T. Having to take the 788T on and off my cart constantly is starting to become a pain. And I would be getting a really good deal on the Deva. What are some of your experiences with the Deva IV? I've read that you can record direct to CF card via a firewire card reader, which is nice. Thanks in advance!
  2. That is one of the main factors in my wanting to buy them.
  3. Thank you very much Glenn for the test and clarification! Much appreciated. And thank you to everyone else for their thoughts and suggestions!
  4. Cool! I will check that out. Thanks for the suggestion guys!
  5. I've read good reviews on them and the price is great. Just wondering if anyone had any experience using them below 500 MHz before I decide to buy.
  6. Hi guys, I'm thinking of purchasing a pair for my cart and I currently use lectro wireless (venue, blocks 21 and 19) and since the BlueFin is rated for 500 MHz to 750 MHz and block 19 is 486 to 511 MHz I'm hoping it will work. I've spoken to Zaxcom technical support twice and have gotten different answers. The two agents I spoke to both agreed that it will work but one of them said I may lose some range below 500. Just wanna get your input on it. Thanks!
  7. Hi Chris, Would you be able to build one for me to buy from you? If so, let me know how much. Thanks!
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