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    Working with ENG-sound for run and gun TV-productions and documentaries using a Sound Devices 664, TCBuddy, DPA 4017 shotgun mic and a couple of Shure UR1/UR5 wireless systems and DPA 4060 mics.

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  1. I would love to hear how the NoiseAssist sounds and performs, maybe you have the time to help out? I've started a new thread where I have uploaded a couple of sound bites that I've processed through a Ceder DNS2. Let's compare it with the NoiseAssist and Cedar sdnx plug-ins! 🙂 Cheers Frederick
  2. Hi I'm using a Cedar DNS2 noise reduction unit whenever I have the need for it in the field. It would be interesting to compare it with other real-time algorithms like the Sound Devices NoiseAssist and Cedar sdnx plug-ins. And if there are other solutions available, why not compare them as well. I've recorded a couple of sound bites with my shotgun mic and processed them through the Cedar DNS2. If anyone on the forum can run the same unprocessed sound bites through a MixPre-10 using NoiseAssist set to the same amount of noise reduction, that woul
  3. You are right about that, Lectrosonics states a dynamic range of 110dB for their D2-system, which indicates more dynamics than 16 bit can transfer. Thanks for pointing that out, it looks like a good system too. It's well worth trying out in the field and the latest version looks really interesting - the Sony DWR S03D receiver and DWT B03 belt pack which is smaller than DWT B01. More functions, LEMO input, the choice of different codecs and thus even less latency and a smaller and easier-to-hide belt pack that is water-proof. I would love to put my hands on it! :-)
  4. Hi everybody I would just like to express my deepest admiration for the sound crews working on the "Real Housewives" TV-series around US. Great work! Whenever my girlfriend watches those shows, I'm get the chills thinking about where and how the lav mics are hidden, and they are always very well hidden and sound great. We all know how difficult it can be to properly hide a lav mic and make it sound good - then add tight evening dresses showing a lot of skin and made of synthetic fabric, tons of hair-spray and make-up, table-flipping divas and tight schedule
  5. And in these times, it's up to us freelancers to not sell our services or rental equipment too cheap. The production companies still have money, so does the clients. It the Average Joes that don't have any money or jobs right now. And when there are no productions jobs, we don't cost a dime for the TV-stations, production companies or film studios. And whenever they need us, we are there to help out. Basically 24/7 - with or without equipment. That kind of service still cost, even in dire times. And we should not sell ourselves cheap
  6. I'm using two Sony DWR-S01D digital receivers in my bag and four Sony DWT-B01 digital belt packs and a DWT-P01 plug-on transmitter. All four channels hooked up to my SD664 via AES/EBU and they sound stellar. I'm tempted to say "sounds like a straight wire", but it actually sound better because there's practically no analogue cabling involved, and once you go to digital transmission, it's hard to go back to analogue or hybrid RF companding. Whenever I have the chance, and only use three belt pack, I hook up the plug-on transmitter and it sounds great. The ease of use, th
  7. I've been using the Cedar DNS2 as a digital insert for some time now, but a couple of weeks ago, I used it as a mic preamp, ADC and noise-reduction unit sending an AES/EBU signal to my Sound Devices mixer. And the Cedar mic preamp sounded really good. I set up a temporary voice-over "studio" in a mid-sized "blackbox" at a film production company's place. There were black curtains to cover the walls which worked well as simple absorbers. Then there was some standing waves in the low-end that I really couldn't do much about, except for engaging the noise-reduction. I must
  8. Wisycom has an active antenna combiner and it works really well. But I believe it’s quite expense. I haven’t used the passive version, but I’ve used other passive combiners and they have worked okay. For optimal performance, you probably need some signal boosters before hitting the combiner. Good luck Fred
  9. I've worked a lot with Wisycom-systems and they sound really good, but I haven't tried the digital Audio Limited system yet. But, regarding sound quality, I'd like to continue on what Moe and Jeff points out. To me, an analogue radio system just can't compete with a good digital system. It has to do with the companding of the analogue signal, the radio transmission etcetera. I use digital Sony DWX-systems and the sound quality is fantastic. Tempted to say: "like a straight wire" but it's actually better because there is no analogue cable from the receivers to the mixer.
  10. I've used the Cedar DNS2 for two years and if the algorithm is equally good in the SDNX-plugin, then you will be able to do at least 4dB of noise reduction without affecting the voice sound quality. If you're super picky, there might be an ever so slight diminishing of the upper mid-range definition, but it's really only audible on really good speakers, and worth it, me thinks. And if you recording in a problematic environment and know that there won't be much sound editing in post, then you can do 6dB noise reduction without even blinking - that's how good the Cedar noise reduction is.
  11. I've worked many years with the Sennheiser SK50-system and the noise issue most likely was due to the screws on the back of the belt packs not being 100% firm. The system is sensitive to disturbe on the virtual ground plane - at least that was what I was told by Sennheiser back in the days - which could result in noise problems like you describe. So, once a year, I would routinely fix all screws on the fourteen systems that we were using at least two days a week, forty weeks a year. Sometimes they needed to go back to Sennheiser for routine service. The systems ran for close to twe
  12. Officially, five systems. In reality, probably 8-10 systems - depending on how crowded the 2.4GHz band is. No, it’s not. The communication is bidirectional between a paired transmitter and receiver. Cheers Fred
  13. In this day and age, with multichannel recording in the mixer, why do you need to listen to the camera return? Playbacks for the client? Or are your clients prone to using the sound on the camera? I always send a good REC FEED to the camera, and if there is any problem with it in the sound editing, I figure they will use the separately recorded tracks from my SD664. But more often than I want to, my REC FEED ends up in TV-shows - with comb-filtering and phasing between to lav mics in close proximity. Ah well, the client is always right, even when they are wrong. (I will eventually
  14. Hi guys I bought the Sennheiser XSW-D XLR Base set to use as camera hop. I really like the sound quality and with that price tag, it's a no-brainer. Some information straight from the source and by empirical tryouts: Latency: 3.8ms Frequency response: 80-18000Hz Range: about 40-50m outdoors with line-of-sight about 10-15m indoors with a couple of walls in between (both scenarios are dependent on how crowded the 2.4GHz band is on location) Battery: 850 mAh Li-on Battery life:
  15. Try disabling the [Learn]-function and listen if you get less pumping. Of course it won't catch dynamic noise sources, but it will still do noise reduction based on the noise floor analyzed before disabling the [Learn]-function. Have a nice weekend Fred It will attenuate some of the noise from the hot tub and the water fall, for sure. Clothing noise, a bit, depending on the level and composition of the noise. The Izotope RX De-rustle plug-in can also help out a bit. And if you go for post production processing, the Izotope Voice De
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