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  1. JonG makes excellent points. Your $375 figure seems a tad high but that’s just me. I’d probably charge $350 for that kit and that would be with 411a receivers not UCR100s. Also, I don’t worry about all the support gear. Bags, cables, harness c-stands, etc. I don’t consider these to be billable items and if I did it would take me hours to create each invoice. For me billable items are: wireless, recorders, TC devices, mics, IFBs. And that’s pretty much it. In your kit example I would figure 75 per wireless, 150 for the 664, and another 50 for boom and general kit. But I wouldn’t bill for the cart I roll the gear in on, any stands or cables. I give discounts for longer term work if asked and but it’s always an individual negotiation, every job is a little different.
  2. Derek H

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    Wish this was around back when I bought the first black case stereoline. That thing. Definitely don’t miss that power cable with the giant cap hanging off the side.
  3. Derek H

    Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    Hi Hiro, Thats good to know. When I tried them that was not obvious to me. Certainly it seemed that Wisycom intends for you to stick with their group programming most of the time.
  4. Derek H

    NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    How about mechanical qualities? Which transmitter pack seems best for hiding on a person? Maybe consider an SM or SMQV rather than the LT, that thing is kind of a chunk.
  5. Derek H

    Viviana Straps

    Yeah pretty similar........
  6. Derek H

    Zaxcom notch filters on rushes?

    Maybe the first response to post the OP should have given was "how does it sound?".
  7. Derek H

    Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    I have to say, having demo’ed a set of Wisycoms a few years ago I found I much preferred the Lectrosonics and Zaxcom default approach of “just pick any damn freq you want and coordination is the operator’s responsibility”. I much prefer figuring out an RF coordination on my own rather than have a baked-in frequency plan restricting what freqs you choose. Or in the Wisycom’s case it won’t even scan frequencies not in it’s current programmed plan. Maybe they’ve changed that since I tried them last but I didn’t like it. Let’s say you’re at an event and need to tune into another mixer’s transmitter or share a few frequencies for some reason. Being locked into a closed system is no good. Being able to reprogram with a dongle and Windows PC does not help you in the field.
  8. Derek H

    Zaxcom notch filters on rushes?

    Have to be careful in the TRX menu system. So many ways to screw it up!
  9. Looks like the Bradbury building to me. Cool video!
  10. Derek H

    BLK 24

    Worked perfectly! You made it very easy! Once I looked into selling something to someone in Brazil and it was a fair bit more involved. So I’d say it can be easy or it can be complicated, just depends on the country and communication of both parties.
  11. Derek H

    Mics on women

    That’s what we’re talking about. Thanks for the link.
  12. Derek H

    Mics on women

    Yeah try Stickies and overcovers. Dave, you don’t have any issues with the hide a mic clip coming off? Either falling off the bra or the Sanken falling out of the holder. I have a set but I’m not super confident in them yet. Also when certain fabrics touch the holder the noise is very sharp sometimes.
  13. Derek H

    recommendations for double-sided tape for plastic mounts

    Rycote Stickies. Or try the new and improved Rycote Stickies Advanced. Perfect size for concealers.
  14. Derek H

    BLK 24

    I'm curious how many people are having any luck selling their block 24/25/26 stuff. Used market seems completely flooded. Selling overseas can be a hassle. I did the math and for the cost of all the block changes I could probably just buy new wideband gear assuming I could also sell my current crop but that's the big if.
  15. Derek H

    wireless lapel systems for budget

    I used SK50s and EK3041s for years when getting started with my own gear. They served me pretty well and I was happy to use them over G2s. Still miss the never ending battery life, cast aluminum durability and slender shape of those packs. I don’t miss needing a tweaker and flashlight always on hand to adjust anything. I also don’t miss manually going through all 16 frequencies and squinting at that terrible LCD to look for open channels in RF crowded Chicago. They also hated having hops transmitters next to them. I had 8 channels of them at one point. Even had a dual quad box setup for cart use. Did some interesting jobs with them. I guess this is all to say if they’re working for you then I wouldn’t be in a huge rush to change. Upgrading to anything truly better will be expensive and ruled by the law of diminishing returns. Clients don’t care and as you say they sound pretty good. Certainly good enough for lavs. I ended up selling the the whole package for very little and then investing that plus much more into Lectros and I’ll say that while they’re a huge upgrade in most ways, especially operator setup, size, and great sound they’re not perfect and suffer from a lot of the same RF issues you’ll have with just about any professional brand. Lots of sound people love to say they’re rock solid but I feel like that’s a jinx. They are until suddenly you’re getting mysterious drop outs on an exterior shot that seems like a piece of cake. Could be my my imagination but I’ve found Lectro transmitters seem more sensitive to body placement whereas I felt like I could put the SK50 just about anywhere on a body and the useable range didn’t change much. With my SMs I’m always taking care to avoid small of back, inside pants pockets, anywhere the arm might smoosh down the antenna, etc. Now, like many others, I’m looking at having to reblock them all in a year ($$) or replace ($$$) due to our wonderful Congress and FCC. Maybe I should have stuck with my old Sennheisers a few more years!
  16. Derek H

    Overview/Review of the Lectrosonics Duet IEM System

    Thanks for your comments Karl. What would I want in a digital SM? Really just more of the same, but with better RF characteristics. Wireless remote control would also be a good thing to shoot for.
  17. Derek H

    Overview/Review of the Lectrosonics Duet IEM System

    Seems like a great system, thanks for the review. Chris, can you elaborate on the “FM IFB compatibility mode” it is very glossed over in the manual. I had not heard about this feature, I’m assuming that means you could use the receiver with any Lectro transmitter in IFB mode or a T4. Obviously without any of the digital benefits. But still, you’d have a better RF front end, better headphone amp (with limiter) and display compared to an R1a. Lectro, when is the M2R 400 mode compatibility update coming?? Also, when are the digital SMs coming? I’m assuming some time shortly after I buy SMWBs. Ha ha. Kind of.
  18. Derek H

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Sounds a lot like the SRc is still in beta testing.. Block changing my 600meg 411s is starting to sound like a better idea.
  19. Derek H

    M/S mic for documentaries

    The 4029 was made to be on camera, standard onboard size mic. The others would not be good because of their size. The 191 needs a separate decoder box too I believe.
  20. Derek H

    NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    I don’t like it. Connectors are weird, they just are. I don’t like having to charge it. The light blinks differently than every other timecode box. I’d almost rather go with Tentacles if I was getting something non-standard. At least I can solder 3.5mm easily and cheaply. I’m all for great new gear but when it comes to timecode boxes I feel like a lot of this wireless TC stuff is creating solutions to problems that didn’t really exist and maybe actually creating a few problems in the process. Lsst thought, Betso should get more consideration. As far as I can tell their new boxes do a lot of the same wireless tricks as Ambient ACN and USO but is built sturdy, uses BNC or Lemo and AA batteries. I’d say their mechanical construction is a close second to Ambient. Great display as well.
  21. Derek H

    camera link

    Yup, just disable pilot tone in the menu. Sounds pretty good. If the UM400 is in IFB mode it will work well. The latest Lectro transmitters have a specific emulation for G3
  22. Derek H

    camera link

    Yup, works great. Doesn’t work the other way around though because there’s no way to defeat the pilot tone system on an R1a.
  23. Derek H

    camera link

    “Focus dingus” ...lol yes all kinds of dingus on cameras lately. None of it RF friendly.
  24. Derek H

    camera link

    Especially when most productions don’t want to pay extra for it either.
  25. Good. Maybe also time to move beyond the rediculous business model of selling us all a new phone (computer) every two years or less. No reason you shouldn't be able to get four or five years of use out of these things unless you physically trash it somehow . For 90% of users they’re just email/Facebook checkers and YouTube streamers. Pretty sure the phone I had five years ago did those things just fine.