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  1. lol. Sorry to hear that but that’s ridiculously bad customer service. At this point I would just try to get an exchange from your dealer. Tell them you’re getting the runaround from the manufacturer.
  2. Let us know how it goes. Seems like a good idea but I’m sure there will be some unexpected snags like difficult to cut or solder metals or lots of foil shielding. Trying to buy that kind of specialty cable in small quantities can be difficult to source and expensive so it might make sense to just repurpose a high quality USB-C from Anker or one of the better brands. I did find a perfect cable for Hirose connectors from Alphawire that is super flexible and rubbery and just the right diameter for the cable clamp (the hardest part to get right with these) with two nice conductors and no shield. I could look up the model number if anyone is interested. I ordered just a sample because I think the minimum order quantity was way too much. Re-reading my posts from 2020 I can update that I did try some of the marine electrical wires I was mentioning and found it either too thick in the case of the boat cable or too stiff and prone to kinking in the case of the lighter gauge hook up wire. If you’re looking something heavier for 4-pin or Speakon connectors I can recommend canare quad speaker cable. High stand count, flexible and high quality insulation. Though there are many options for larger diameter power cable.
  3. I’m in Chicago and we’re typically at 450-500 for that kit.
  4. Tim, thanks for posting your test. We need more of this kind of thing here.
  5. This thread is obviously aimed directly at the Sound Devices Nexus and A10/A20 system. I suspect they’ve thought about this scenario and there is something happening behind the scenes with the A20 input stage that allows their gain forward concept to work well even dealing with low levels. If it didn’t work well at low levels then rule out using it on almost any TV show or movie because that’s all we seem to get out of many actors is low levels. Maybe someone who owns one of these systems and has used it on a real scene can comment on how it performs.
  6. Sounds like your approach was to disregard any kind of spatial relationship or specific stereo configuration and just go for a good blended coverage of the audience?
  7. It’s time someone do a serious head to head to head with Nexus, Axient, Zaxcom, and maybe Sony. Something similar to the antenna shootout 695 did years ago. Zaxcom is a very polarizing brand for a lot of people but you do have to give credit where credit is due. They really have been making digital wireless for waay longer than anyone else. It’s funny to read people gushing about being able to change frequencies from the receiver. That’s been possible with Zaxcom stuff for over a decade! I’m sure Glenn goes a little nuts every time he reads about It.
  8. Thanks for your field notes. Can you describe your setup briefly? What kind of antenna setup? Try Running remote antennas? Powered or passive? Also were you using Dante or analog connection the recorder? Thanks again!
  9. Good grief, why don’t one of you guys just call or email sound devices and ask them a few questions. So much speculation.
  10. Well that’s okay because people in general seem to love them and have been buying tons of them for years. I don’t though and have been skeptical on them for a long time. I’m all for multichannel receiver units I just think the slot mount form factor and the endless accessories and adapters needed to use them out of the original context is a waste of time and resources. (Good for selling more stuff though) I might be wrong but I can’t help imagining that we’d have overall better equipment in 2023 if such a large amount of time wasn’t spent for the last decade re-engineering older tech to fit inside the arbitrary confines of a camera receiver slot. As soon as the SR was released it was like OK everyone.. this is a compromised design and the older single channel is definitely better performing all around…. but it’s two for the price of one!! And who doesn’t love a deal so we all bought lots and taught the manufacturers that we’re willing to take a hit on quality and reliability for the sake of quantity and a smaller form factor. Ok what were we supposed to be discussing here
  11. They have ovens to stress test stuff in. They should absolutely know when the transmitter breaks. And they should be simulating a transmitter buried in costume for these tests. 38 does seem low if you consider you might need it to work buried under clothes in 100+ temps.
  12. “the maxed out Nexus Go is only US$1K cheaper than the standard 8 channel Nexus” very good observation. Now if they made a half size version (two screens). Capable of 4-6 channels WITH Dante that would have been a good product as well I think. The lack of Dante is troubling but if you only plan to use it in a bag I suppose you wouldn’t miss it. If you’re a cart user I feel like you still need two regular Nexus units and that’s quite the investment. And screw slot receivers I say! I can’t believe they’re still a thing. All the wasted engineering time…
  13. And the Nexus Go seems like basically a regular Nexus without Dante or app control. Though it does have Nexlink, good job sound devices. I don’t know why they limit it to only 8 channels maxed out. That seems like an artificial limitation to me but whatever. Maybe it has less processing power inside but I doubt it. I was really expecting a half sized unit with 4-8 channels but I guess this works for a lower priced option. I still say they need a plug on transmitter in the lineup.
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