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  1. I don’t see why a new SR is needed. If Lectro could have made the 822 smaller or made it 4 channels they would have. Not a fair comparison to look at what Wisycom did with a completely analog system and expect Lectro to shoehorn their newest digital system into the same. I only have one slot mount receiver, never used it plugged into any kind of slot, and I don’t see the point anymore. I know there are a lot of convenient accessories out now for slot mount but to expect it to go on forever is very much the tail wagging the dog.
  2. 4:45 on a lithium for the single AA?
  3. I think this is a stock 80/20 part. The axle is probably custom though.. Also Google pillow block bearings.
  4. It’s pretty flexible. You can choose what source from the individual inputs or select the mix bus as the source and you can attenuate the output independently of the source or mix level.
  5. Yes this would be great. But they’ve all opted for app control which is more useful in some ways but problematic in others. you have to commend Aaton for choosing a design that doesn’t need an app to augment the display or controls.
  6. A bit of a tangent here but I don’t believe you need to be “all-in” on Zaxcom to choose to use one of their recorders. I actually think Zax would be better off if they shifted their focus away from this all in one integrated approach they’ve been pushing. I think it’s likely a big turn off for a lot of potential customers.
  7. Cos 11s are workhorses. DPA definitely not the most durable option. But they take a beating and can get wet and be fine once dried out. I also don’t like the microdot.
  8. What’s the model number of that BNC? They all look like that... i think the one you want is 112533 but I’m going off memory there.
  9. Maybe it’s lead-free you’re dealing with. Bump up the temp and add some flux.
  10. I think wider would be better for weight distribution but less ideal for booming with your hands above your head. I think you just have to try and see what you like.
  11. Lectrosonics straight version is indestructible. Just order it in the closest block.
  12. Just to be clear you need to put the Lectro transmitter in IFB compatibility mode. A Sennheiser receiver will not work well with the default digital hybrid mode. Doing the cross brand thing in reverse where you try to receive a Sennheiser transmitter (HDX compandor) with a Lectro receiver does not work very well in my opinion. Unless you have an SRc or maybe LR which has a special EVO compatibility mode. If you have the older high-end Sennheiser models in the 3000 or 5000 range there are specific emulations for that compandor (hi-dyn) in all Lectro 400 receivers.
  13. No squelch always works and is customizable on each receiver. preset lists don’t match? Maybe. I’ve never used them. I usually tune in the advanced menu.
  14. You have to turn pilot tone off on the receiver and mono only but they work great together. if you need a high power transmitter try SK2000. Up to 100mW in USA
  15. These are the best. Though I like the HS2 better which has a narrow shoulder strap. 2.5” wide vs 4”.
  16. I’d say the most sensible thing would be to just record in 24 bit. Plenty of loud things get recorded at 24 bit and it works out ok.
  17. I’m not sure what changed here at JW sound but seems like the default view for looking at new content now shows repetitive topic headers for every new post within a topic. Ends up looking very cluttered, especially on a phone. Does anyone know if this can be reset or setup differently in preferences? Thanks!
  18. Square 3/8-16 u-bolts- mcmaster furniture leveling u-brackets with 3/8-16 threads- some random Etsy store white plastic sleeve bearing -McMaster hack saw
  19. Less than $20 worth of hardware to make two of these..
  20. Sorry to hear about your situation. The combiner is great for when you’re forced into using a walkie. I always try to keep the walkies at absolute minimum volume needed to understand it. Of course people are all over the place on how they use walkies. Some always yell into it others whisper... wish their were more earphone choices with built in limiters. last time I used a walkie was as a sound utility. I always kept it low enough to ignore most of the time but loud enough for my brain to pick up useful tidbits. Mostly I was using it to just monitor the production channel and didn’t have to actively use it like a PA or AD would. I think the first time I responded to some sound related bit of business in the walkie the response from the AD was ‘holy shit what is sound doing on the walkies??’
  21. The cable impedance doesn’t matter at all. There is this issue with connector mismatch that may eventually cause an intermittent connection but I have yet to encounter that myself. you could use two coat hangers and still get timecode to jam
  22. So what are you thinking on the day rate for frame.io?
  23. 788 is not that heavy.
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