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    I am a freelance Sound Designer. I've been heavily involved with sound in one form or another for the past decade... played classical guitar, produced short audio narratives for public radio, mixed and designed sound for theatre and drama, recorded & edited location, sound effects, and dialogue for film & animation, and recording & mixing music.

    I've long considered myself a creative soul with a technical shell... that's because I see my artistic role as an artist who listens and interprets another's creative masterpiece and help convey that artist's vision through sound, via my own creativity.

    I am always in search of new and exciting projects to further gain my experience, build up my portfolio, and assist other artists in their work.
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  1. Now if only they can implement the type of system Shure Axient does, where it can reassign and change freq on both RX and TX within a couple milliseconds. Then again, that's why those systems run for so much more $$$ than anything else.
  2. I’ve used my CMIT in the -40F Chicago winter last year without any problems. Only issue I’d be worried about is condensation buildup from moving between outdoors and indoors. So long as it’s “climatized” you should be fine.
  3. Another thing to consider is how much will the heat expended by the 833 affect the other gear components in the bag. Chances are receivers are at least within an inch of the recorder, if not directly on top of it. The ACCUMULATED heat may be too much.
  4. You’re absolutely right. The numbers listed are totals from individual components only (Nomad, FP8, 4x QRX200, MP2, distro). Does not include weight of the bag itself, cables, external antennas, batteries, etc. My Nomad bag as shown is probably between 15-20lbs depending on how many batteries and additional gak I have in the side pockets. A Nova bag should be around 6-8lbs depending on bag/battery/accessories/etc. All that said though, a fully stocked Nova bag will end up being somewhere around 30% of the weight of my previous bag and be every bit as capable without any sacrifices.
  5. The new tech is simply incredible. This tiny OneUnit weighing only 3.5lbs fully loaded will give me more capability than my current Nomad bag weighing almost double (6.5lbs) before accounting for all the various power and audio cables.
  6. One thing to consider about going the boosted Zaxnet is interference in the bag. Myself and a buddy both run Nomads and were interested in ERXs for IFB and TC. We both tried one of the small Sunhans 2.4 amps that Gene at SGS was tinkering with to see how things played out. In my friend's bag, it caused tons of hiss and static in his recorded tracks, and we linked the cause to be interference entering the recorder via his Lectro SRbs and 411a. I had no such issue in my bag, but I was running all Zaxcom wireless via AES digital in. Plugged in some older 200 series wireless in my bag and sure enough the interference was there. Swapping cables, grounding shells, separate power supplies, etc... only thing that worked was physical distance between the receivers and the amp. I've since moved back to using Lectro R1a to stay compatible with a couple other local mixers in case I need to rent additional units, and by combining an R1a with one of those new Ultrasync One sync boxes, I can replicate most of the ERX's feature set with added reliability and extended range.
  7. You have to decide whether the quality of an IFB signal is is sufficient for camera in that instance. For me, since scratch/reference is the norm, I do this fairly often either by strapping an R1a to camera or renting a buddy's 411. Very convenient to only need 1x transmitter in the bag.
  8. I've only soldered the Remote Audio option, but have seen and held the Cable Techniques one as well. The RA design is physically smaller than a Neutrik straight or angled connector, but seemed to weigh slightly heavier. I used these as a replacement to the horrible K-Tek ones that come with their Klassic poles. The RA option uses a metal cap that only offers 4 possible angles for cable routing (45, 135, 225, and 315). The angles didn't bother me since I was using this at the end of a pole, but could see how that could pose a problem in a bag. I was surprised at how small and light the CT design was when I first held one. Really like how variable the cable angle can be adjusted to, but is a molded plastic so it's definitely not as strong as the RA's all-metal cap. Considering you plan on using these in a bag, I'd save some money and go with the CT option.
  9. Carlos Maeda

    Ursa Strap

    In that case, I wonder if it's worth URSA's time and effort to test a waist strap that incorporates some of the special "gripper" material to better differentiate it from the competition like on the thigh and chest straps.
  10. I would suggest having the option to add silence at the heads and tails of files shorter than the longest. I can see how on certain instances it would be better to heir on the side of caution and not "remove" any data for the sake of a common start/stop point. That said, it would also be nice to have the option to select a "master" track and have your app trim all other tracks to match it. This would be great for those using bodypack recorders in conjunction with a main bag or cart recorder, that would normally be recording continuously and independent from each other. Example of this would be Zaxcom TRXs recording on transmitter boot up.
  11. First off, I'm pretty disappointed at the battery life in general. I've had a pair of these for a month now and I average just over 4hr at 50 or 75mW, let alone the 5.5hr runtime that has been repeated from Zaxcom consistently, or anywhere close to the competing product's "real-world" runtime of close to 6hr (granted w/o features like NC, Znet, recording, 75mW option). I have yet to need these tiny packs for an extended period of time, but purchased them with the idea that PowerRoll could extend that runtime, whatever it may be, further. To now hear that it will no longer be implemented has me contemplating exchanging these for full-size TRXs. Would be nice to have an official statement from Zaxcom on the matter.
  12. If you're in NYC talk to Gotham Sound. They can sell your gear to us pro users via consignment.
  13. Another thing to consider is if you'll be using your 664 in the bag as well as on the cart. With a mixer, you'll have multiple cables for ISOs, mix, power, etc and could be cumbersome to switch back to "bag mode". Much easier to accomplish this with the CL12.
  14. I've seen college basketball players wearing similar systems during practice leading up to March Madness. Would probably be easy enough to replace the tracker with a transmitter. Though unless it's a sport where theres ample padding involved, or a non-athletic setting, you should probably look at the flexible Q5X wireless systems as to not harm the athlete in case of a fall.
  15. That does look cool. My biggest gripe with the Switchcraft connector is the tendency for the plastic boot to crack over time. The lack of spark edges or corners on your design is also a plus.
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