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  1. I not buying from b&h I brought a link from b&h because I could not find a link to this stick anywhere else.
  2. Looking for more opinions on the PSC FBPXL Elite Series X-Large Boom Pole I saw some reviews of psc sticks but I'm looking for something more focused on this stick. tnx, sergey.
  3. hi, I want to buy second hand Sennheiser 416 that is 3-4 years old. What to pay attention to ? How do you know if it right, beyond hearing it? tnx...
  4. Y do you think the problem is with the collar ?
  5. hi, the boom is after is clean but its steel very hard to open it,pulling the poles out (the Higher i go its more hard) even when the Nuts where taken apart...i used WD 40 and it did not help other. do someone have any suggestions.
  6. my last ring (the smallest) is stuck i cannot open it, Any Suggestions ? and how to take apart a vdb boom pole ? tnx..
  7. Hi, I have VDB boom pole, Opening and Closing it is Pretty hard... Do you have any advice what can i do to fix it ? thx. sergey.
  8. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone works with plugins izotope Online Mode? I mean plugins such as Dereverb Denoise? I downloaded the demo version for testing and the plugins I mentioned above barely work on my computer. i want to buy a new bundle of plugins for cleaning noises, and I wonder how powerful my computer needs to be to open at least five plugins such as Dereverb and Denoise... Thank you for your help.
  9. I'm from Israel and I work in a television studio, In the studio we installed G3 system and it works pretty good. But our outdoor equipment In pretty bad shape :/ and yes the outdoor wireless system Is not in israels legal frequency range. Where can I get a list of valid frequencies? tnx
  10. Looks great! Excellent Mixer ls9 I love it!
  11. Looking for forums that talking about PA / FOH / SOUND SYSTEMS / STAGE WORKERS Etc. tnx !
  12. Does anyone have experience working with this adaptor? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=NavBar&A=getItemDetail&Q=&sku=884884&is=REG&si=rev#costumerReview
  13. I want to upgrade my wireless equipment, I have sennheiser G3 EW 100 Wireless transmitter and receiver, And I have a lot of problems with it, especially RF problems, I have RF interference even if I'm standing just 12 feet (3-4 Meter) from the transmitter. I use the equipment mainly in documentaries and short films. My distance from the transmitter during the shooting usually not exceed 30 feet(9-10 Meter). The main thing I want to solve by upgrading, is the RF problems. I thought about few wireless systems: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/594464-REG/Lectrosonics_UCR100LMA_24_100_Series_Wireless.html Does this system will provide me what I need? Or should I buy more advanced system, such as: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/496769-REG/Lectrosonics_UCR411AUM400A_25_400_Series_Wireless.html What do you think? TNX
  14. another question... Can i order the SMQV with 3.5mm trs connector ? or it's coming only with TA5F ?
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