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    I am a veteran of the film industry with over 20 years experience in on-set and post production audio. My main areas are foley, field recording, editing and ADR. I love everything about sound and am constantly learning.
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  1. Hi there, Interesting situation. I teach at a tertiary institution and we are utilizing the Sound Device 744T's and the Arri Alexa's. But whenever we jam sync to the Arri using the 744T as the slave at 24fps on free run via a 5 pin lemo cable, it take quite a few attempts to get the sync to be perfect. Then after around 20 minutes, the TC is out by at least 2 seconds which I find very strange. I have worked with the 788T and the Arri and never had this problem before- normally I re-jam after 4-5 hours but never after 20 minutes. Can someone possible explain why this is happening- ie What is the set up on the Arri and the 744T (maybe I am missing something) because this is a verty strange problem. Thanks.
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