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    I am the FOH engineer for the Army Field Band and spend most of my time touring with concert sound. I enjoy the occasional one off's I get to do with audio for video.
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  1. Mack

    RIP Eric Toline

    I just saw in a FB group that Eric passed away this morning. Such a loss. I learned a great deal from him and am sad for his passing. RIP.
  2. It's been a while since I have posted. With the shutdown and loss of work, I have put my head into the sand, my family, and my beer. I hope that everyone is doing ok and just wanted to send some good vibes out there. Hope no one is truly destitute and that your families are safe. Wishing everyone a good weekend.
  3. Following. Can the SNA be modified to use the Betso bag adapter?
  4. I find that the 7506's are the least hyped of any I've used out there and translate well to the studio monitors I am used to (Meyer HD-1, Meyer Amie, DynAudio BM-6A). They are also quite common in many of the mastering studios I've frequented over the years. I am not a composer, but have spent years mixing and mastering and find these a solid set of cans that are flat and accurate. They are also not super expensive. Just my two cents.
  5. My dearest Viscount, You flatter yourself assuming my comment was directed to you. However since you’re the catfish that took a bait intended for a marlin, let’s take this Bentley for a spin, Ol’ chap: A man walks into a large stateroom filled with people from all walks of life representing a vast enormity of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and intellect. He asks a simple yet time-weathered question and receives many answers, all in the spirit of unity, graciousness, and camaraderie. Instead of accepting these answers or academically debating the merits of any possib
  6. Congrats. At least this thread now looks like GearSlutz.
  7. I've been using Minutiae's software 'PAID" accounting software for years now and love it, but it is no longer being supported as of this year. I upgraded to High Sierra without checking it and now it crashes constantly when I try to print invoices. I sent an email to the designer, but he said that he is no longer testing it and the version that came out last August (which was tested with Sierra) is the last one. Is there anything else out there production-oriented you are using? I am not really wanting to go down the Quickbooks rabbit hole if I don't have to.
  8. Mack

    Net Neutrality

    Well, we thought that selling off the 600MHz band was a bad move. Now, they have sold off the internet as well. Hopefully the quality of service can get every bit as good as my Cable service, which sucks to seriously high levels. If they could find a way to charge me for every menu button I hit, I am sure they would. I almost never post about politics. But man am I sick of all of this. Hey Switzerland......need any sound guys?
  9. Mack

    664 panic

    Does it play when the card is in the mixer? In other words can you press play on the 664 and hear audio?
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