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    I own a mastering and audio transfer/restoration business as well as working in gathering location sound for film. Spent 30 years before this as the FOH/Systems engineer for the Army Field Band.
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  1. The user is someone I've seen on the FB groups before. This is all great help.....thank you. Wouldn't have thought of the eBay route.
  2. Does anyone use a third party when purchasing used stuff that is in the $1000's? I am about to purchase some gear that seems completely legit but it's not chump change. Wanted to know if there was some way to make sure that I don't get screwed by sending money for something that never comes. He is too far away for me to drive.
  3. Mack

    Rastorder Carts

    Just cruised over to the RastOrder cart site and it looks the business is for sale.
  4. Hi Jeff, It used to be when I did a google search for anything on this site, it would return a ton of hits, which kept me busy reading for years on end. It was better than the native search engine. However, it doesn't seem to be the same lately and a topic that should return dozens of threads will return only one or two. Did something change? It may not have been recent, but I was curious. My string is normally something like: "whatever I am searching site: jwsoundgroup.net".
  5. Looks like those PSC carts are discontinued?
  6. If so, curious what you think. Shopping around for a new sound cart and was just looking at the Proaim Soundchief Lite Cart.
  7. This will get it done and fits nicely under the drum risers: https://meyersound.com/product/900-lfc/ If you want to use something to make them feel like they are in a volcano, there is always this: https://meyersound.com/product/vlfc/. These things have an amazing low end extension but only run on 208v.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CVAzaIpNJSB/ Maybe I they can make an SD7 that fits in my bag. I do love me some Digico.
  9. Sad to say that Evan passed of a heart attack yesterday and will be greatly missed in our audio world. Truly a great, knowledgeable, and kind man I’ve known for many years. RIP Evan
  10. Mack


    I find the turntable forums to be a bigger jungle than gearslutz sometimes with opinions that often get beyond fiery. Just this one topic alone comparing direct drive to belt drive can open up a month's long can of worms to pick through of slightly relevant information. I chose direct drive for my needs. I have a nice setup that I use though not so much for listening pleasure but for transferring to digital, so transparency was my driving factor in equipment selection. I have a Technics SL1200G with an Audio-Technica ART9XA cartridge. I use a Jensen setup transformer to get phono level into a Radial J33. From there it goes mic level into a Grace microphone preamp and then into my Lavry AD. Since much of my work is classical music, it works quite well. I also use a VPI16.5 to clean all vinyl before it goes on the turntable. I recently replaced my monitoring system with a Grace M905 which comes with a RIAA input for turntables that I haven't tried yet. This would effectively bypass my step-up transformer and DI, but I have to figure out how to take an AES line out of the 905 into my interface. I may try it on the next transfer to see how it goes.
  11. It's better to do it locally if possible for safekeeping of the reels as it could be tragic to lose them in shipping. However, if you don't find someone that can do it let me know and I can help you out.
  12. I own three of them now (about to be four) and find them to be solid machines. I've sent the headblocks out on all of them to JRF Magnetics and couldn't be happier. Most of my work these days has been transfer work and I just finished almost four hundred 1/4" reels on my MTR12 without a single hiccup. I find them to be easy to work on, easy to calibrate, transparent (I do a lot of classical music work), and a lot less expensive to find parts for if necessary than the equivalent Studer.
  13. Mack

    RIP Eric Toline

    I just saw in a FB group that Eric passed away this morning. Such a loss. I learned a great deal from him and am sad for his passing. RIP.
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