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  1. The display is what has me interested, the PEQ 2 especially. Could be very useful for roaming DSLR type cameras with no timecode sync. Give it to the camera man and they have a time code reference for post.
  2. If it works with the Oasis and they make a larger version to to replace the old All in one system I think it would sell very well.
  3. I think that might be it. I tried my other NP-1 and it charged it. However the original one is coming from a 10% charge while the second on was at around 80% so it may be an issue with time of charge? I'm ordering replacement kit any way because cant trust it now. I'll contact Mfg tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion Joel.
  4. I plugged in my SL-1 Charger and I get both the red and the green lights blinking in a cascading fashion and the battery shows no sign of charging. Does this mean it's dead? No one is open right now and there is no manual on the Mfg website.
  5. If you want wide band I would also look at the Wissycomm offerings. Over 200 MHz band range to choose from.
  6. 1st gen stingray with a maxx, NP-1, 1 qrx and up to 3 G3s. The OR-40 handles it fine, a lot better than my old portabrace. I just wish that the K-tek had come out earlier but I was not able wait to anymore at the time.
  7. I always see a large RF floor on my QRX 200. But I use the SEED RF scanner for finding frequency's for the most part. Lets me see what is going on before I get the bag up and running and makes working with multiple brands of wireless easier.
  8. If you look at it as a bit bucket being fed by a 442/552/alpha mix than the small size would be a plus. I know that this has a good chance of replacing my dr-680 for my back up bag.
  9. Hmm, I remember a job i did a few years ago where that app could come in handy. It was a low budget show where contestants would randomly talk to strangers in the style of impractical jokers except they really did ambush the people that had no idea what was happening. It was also in an extremely heavy rf environment so range was a big issue. Imagine this. The F8 is in a back pack along with the wireless. The wireless feed a distro box and you run the antennas to the front shoulder straps flush with the material in a very incognito way. Also run the headphones from the back pack to the front. Then use the app to control the recorder and people would just think you are some guy walking around playing with your phone and listening to music. You could even be right next to the contestants and if the camera caught you, no big deal. Not extremely practical I know but should theoretically work.
  10. I applaud microsoft with what they are trying to full of in making a true multi platform OS. Even apple even though they work well together still need to be coded different between I devices and Macs. If windows 10 is what I hope I will never look at an apple product again.
  11. From someone that just recently jumped from a mirror image of your set up to a mainly zaxcom bag. The only ones that have noticed the difference are me and my bank account. We buy better gear mainly to make our lives easier . I read once that the ratio for a good recording was 50% Talent(Actor/Musician), 20% Room, 20% Mic Placement, 10% equipment. This was related to recording a music album but I think it applies here as well.
  12. Wave agent should automatically group the mono files together. Go to split/combine->Combine-> Tell it where to go-> Process. If wave agent is not able to group them together than you have bigger problems.
  13. I agree that everyone's circumstances will be different. However. I have found that nowadays most of the jobs that a beginner will be doing will be with DSLRs and recording will be needed. Also, since more and more low budget cameras are having the option for timecode; a recorder in this price range with that ability will be a big asset before they can afford a Zax/SD. I know that if this was out when I first started this would be at the top of the list.
  14. As of know as a first mixer/ recorder this is a no brainier (if it live up to the hype) I'm just curious how they managed to get a TC clock that is as accurate as denecke for that low of a price?
  15. I found him to be like a mirror. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Ask a smart question and you would be amazed at what he knows.
  16. Nice. I did something similar to my husky but I can't change the wheels on it . How good is the interior of the bag?
  17. Worry less about the gear and more about the mixer. Tell them how your are planning to work on the project and any mixer worth their salt will accommodate. Communication is first second and third on the list of priorities. Like many people on here have said before, gear is only 10-20% of the job.
  18. Did you select the right chemistry for the batteries within the unit? It gives you the option of metering for alkaline and Nimh You can also do i the old school way. Use rechargeable batteries or pick a brand of disposable batteries. Pop them in and time them until the unit dies. That is the best way to tell and just keep track of run time while the unit is in use.
  19. Big focal fan here. The clarity i have found to be second to none it that is what you are going for. CMS 65 and solo6 BE are great.
  20. I'm trying to find a way to get sides to be mounted to my stingray bag so they are right above my max. Something along the lines of a mini music stand. Perhaps mounted to the hard outer pocket? Any ideas or suggestions would help.
  21. The first thing I ever used to carry audio gear was a small tool bag. Recently I needed something bigger and decided to follow the trend. I then got together with my father on a way to add a boom pole holder to it and viola. The bag was bought in Homedepot and the extra material where bought at Lowes. It aint perfect but it works.
  22. If you compare it to SD or zaxcom than yes. But that is not a fair comparison. If it is in the $1,000-$1,500 range it will fill a niche that think is currently empty.
  23. yep that has to be the amp. Bad speakers don't behave like that.
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