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  1. while looking for some tools I crossed paths with this: the festool MW 1000 https://www.toolnation.nl/festool-203454-mw-1000-basic-mobiele-werkplaats.html Of course this is not made for recording purposes, but curious to hear if anybody has already tried using this in the field? it can be used with different kind of drawers and festool even has a powering solution:) https://www.toolnation.nl/festool-accessoires-205721-sys-pst-1500-li-hp-sys-powerstation.html?sqr=festool sys power& I imagine it could be a fun modding project.
  2. Voodoo or not, I like the radiance explanation. I once worked on a doc were the one particular person was always causing problems with the digital wireless. Always prepped and tried everything to make sure it was working 100% before he showed up. More often than not I had distorted signal and significant decrease in range. I never could pin down what caused it, but I found that an analog spare set that I had did the job.
  3. Hi Tom, I would advice you to go to a local fishing or hunting gear store. Recently I stumbled across some really nice bags from a brand called Predox* that I use for exactly the same purpose. There are other brands that do similar products, but I just mention this to give you an idea. https://www.idzengahengelsport.nl/waterdichte-cameratas-bag-predox.html https://www.streetfishingshop.nl/shop/accessoires/tassen/k7-heuptas/ https://www.bushcraftshop.nl/horizonal-pouch-s-copy.html All the best in your quest. Lucas
  4. This would be an interesting read: https://fieldrecording.net/tag/nevaton-mc59c/ I have personal experience with both Sennheiser and Schoeps. For field recording I'd pick up the Sennheisers over the Schoeps because in my experience they tend to be a bit more reliable in (harsher) outdoor situations.
  5. I've not compared it head to head, but my impression is that the range of the A10 has improved with firmware updates.
  6. I've had some MBHO mics and at the time the company was nice enough to send me some mics and capsules to test. Since you are in Germany you could probably ask the to do you the same favor. If you are willing to try more 'exotic' brands I'd also suggest you have a look at Nevaton MC59 SDC mics. Also Shure KSM 137/141series can be found for a good prices second hand.
  7. Hi Jim, I designed my own ORTF for schoeps mics. See attached picture for allignment with the letters is 17cm. I could send you the stl file if you want to print it. All the best, Lucas
  8. Hi Mattias, I had a doc shoot last year with guided tour as well. For the shoot we only needed to get the voice of the guide so I laved him up with a little lower gain because the guides tend to speak with a loud voice. I followed the group with my boom, depending on camera position but I'm pretty sure they used almost lav only with a bit of MS for ambience. All the best!
  9. Recently did a shoot with a very fast German car. I had some good results with two lavs taped inside the motor going to a recorder inside the car. -> for general motor sound A lav in a windcover taped outside above the exhaust (wind got the better of it as soon as the speed increased). -> but was still used by post Perhaps a dynamic would have been good to try hear too as mentioned above. But post was really happy with a few wild tracks of the car accerlerating away from me and a few drive-bys so be sure to have those too.
  10. I've ordered an Anubis premium yesterday. Couldn't resist as I already a Hapi. It came with Pyramix essentials and I must say that it has proven to be a very reliable multitrack recorder and the source destination editing is a nice workflow for certain styles of music. It has a way more up it's sleeve but you'll have to spend some time with it to get to know all it's 'secrets'. Yesterday I also installed a hirose plug on the hapi so it can run of the grid. Looking forward to use them side by side!
  11. Working on it... But takes up more time than expected, but I have to invest in these skills eventually.
  12. Hi there! Is there someone who by any chance has a library file for eagle PCB design of a 4pin female hirose socket?
  13. If you are looking for something small... I just saw that the Russian microphone manufacturer Nevaton has released a small mic with pretty nice specs: http://nevaton.eu/product/nevaton-mc-59-super-small-condenser-microphone/ Haven't tried them, but there is some temptation.
  14. I've used the MiniCMIT in a Cinela Pianissimo, and that combination works very well as far as handling and wind protection goes. My only frustration with the MiniCmit is that (as mentioned above) it's sensitive to humidity. It is kind of annoying that halfway trough the day you have to swap mics because of pops are getting into your recording. I've experienced it on several occasions, also when it was a bit moist, but certainly not raining. I'm only using it in documentary style shoots so it's not always predictable what's around the corner shooting/weather wise. Generally be careful when transferring into different environments. Other than that, great mic!
  15. I've been quite pleased with my Ambient Qx580. My work has a 90% doc vs 10% scripted ratio and I find it covers 99% of my overall needs. With a protective case it also fits perfectly in tripod bag when traveling by plane. This comes down to personal preference, but I like also boompoles that you can have semi tight, instead of the fully loose or lock models.
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