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  1. For anyone that is using Oktava mics do a search for Oktava mods. Oktava mics are actually amazing mics after a few tweaks and there are guys out there that specialize in it. I owned a few over the years that were modded and they became some of my favorites.
  2. Only a few weeks left on the current mail in rebates from Sennheiser. If you are thinking about purchasing EW series wireless now is the time. Ends June 30th. XS and LE $25 EW 100 excluding EW 100 ENG $50 ew 300 and EW 100 ENG $75 ew 500 $100
  3. You can not stop this but you can slow it down. File a dispute with paypal even if the seller refunds the money. Also file complaints with Ebay and make sure to leave negative feedback and 1 star across the board. This will eventually shut their account down until they get up and running under a different name. Even after they are back under a different name at least the feedback on the other account will alert others to the problem in general. You can also send the links to Ebay customer service and they will investigate the products. The biggest issue is that many times amateurs don't even realize they have bought a counterfeit. They counterfeit many mics and headphones and get away with it a lot of the time because the product does work. Someone that can not compare to the real thing is liable to believe it is a legit product. When someone complains they immediately refund the money to avoid complaints and bad feedback so the can keep the operation running. It's just very unfortunate overall.
  4. The 664 does not record in any sample rates above 48K. Sound Devices has not given any indication that it will be an added feature in the future.
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