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    Sound mixer, postproducer and teacher
  1. Ernesto Figge

    Witnesses of words - Book

    http://www.witnessesofwords.com/en/ Brilliant book of history of microphones. Wonderfull edited.
  2. Ernesto Figge

    Funny video

    Hummm, the spanish audio content is very different than the english subtitles. Fun? Naaah Moron joke. Ernesto
  3. Ernesto Figge

    iZotope RX3

    Marc, thanks for the link Ernesto
  4. Ernesto Figge

    iZotope RX3

    I use Sony Vegas Pro as DAW. Open the clip as copy in RX3. Then save and when back to Vegas the new audio is here as a copy. The original is safe and untouched. Ernesto
  5. Philph, my heart are with you. Many hats in my head. Leonardo Da Vinci is the example to follow. Cheers, Ernesto
  6. Ernesto Figge

    How we hear/locate sound

    Very interesting! Thanks! Ernesto
  7. Ernesto Figge

    In Depth Look at what it takes to cover Golf for Tv

    Whitney, the video is not longer available Thanks for reup to youtube or another site! I promess my students to view this! Ernesto