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  1. Gotta love it when things are A. Hidden deep in a menu and B. Not at all clear that it's gonna solve the issue!
  2. As a wise Scotsman once said to me, while standing on a cliff in a howling wind... "You can only piss with the dick you have!".
  3. Hear hear! And may all your talent be wearing 100% cotton polo shirts!
  4. Yikes! I'm starting a 10 week shoot with one of these....using an ERX however. 10 secs in 2 hrs! What are they using to drive the internal TC, a hamster on a wheel?
  5. Great chart John, cheers! --what is a measuring unit of adhesion ? Clingons?
  6. Will be great to hear some real world reports about using AutoMix on the Nomad. I don't know how often I'd use it, but I imagine in the right scenario, it could be just the ticket, if the report cards look good!
  7. Zaxcom support very helpful. Yes, these features are now standard.
  8. Thanks Jack. I bought it new last week. So my dealer is telling me I need the TRX10 option, but Zaxcom doesn't say that anywhere, and the manual doesn't mention it. As far as I know, the TRX10 option is only required for confidence monitoring. Is my dealer having me on? I'm having back and forth via email with him at the moment.
  9. Hi, I should mention that i have [Hatted] this enquiry, but in the meantime will anybody with first hand experience answer while I wait a day or two? Do I need the TRX10 option to send T/C and remotely control the TRX900AA, or is this a standard feature of the TRX900AA out of the box? Cheers, Jack
  10. Some good points here. John W, excellent point about being sequestered for a quick pick up interview if there are multiple cameras roaming! I feel like maybe I should get a shorter, less bulky snake as a fail-safe when hopping, and use the big snake for sit down interviews etc. Cut down on a little weight, but have the insurance.
  11. I'd be interested to see how many of you have ceased carrying a lengthy snake attached to your bag, to make your kit a little lighter and more compact. I know I used to have one always attached in the event of a major catastrophe befalling the hops, so I could quickly plug in. Worth doing as a fail-safe, or, lighten your load and trust the technology?
  12. It's sort of a digital analogy. [sorry!]
  13. Reminds me of the Chinese tale of the man who was hungry, so he stood on a hill with his mouth open expecting a roast duck to fly in. The point is, this site is an INCREDIBLE resource for sound recordists, and you could spend months reading about different gear and techniques here. Also plenty of opinion and advice about how to conduct oneself in this business. By and large everybody is helpful and willing to answer the right questions and give their opinion. But you have to lift a finger. Or as funkyblunts found out, you'll get The Finger.
  14. Oh, OK. I've done quite a bit of David Torn style guitar manipulation, but only at 44.1KHz. I'll go have a play at 192KHz and hopefully be nicely surprised! Cheers.
  15. Will somebody who plans on getting a Maxx and recording at 192KHz care to share with us what they will record, and why they will choose to record at 192KHz? Not trolling. I've never even heard anything recorded at 192KHz, much less recorded or worked with it in any way. I suppose I can only imagine recording classical music at this rate....but even then, wouldn't the listener need to experience the playback under near lab conditions to appreciate the difference? I'd love to hear from somebody with experience in this area! Cheers!
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