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  1. Cool, so tape out is an option. Just out of interest did zaxcom say they would make a change? Dave
  2. Hi, My Nomad plays Card Tracks to output 1 and 3 only, and i've got no idea how these outputs have been chosen, or how to move to output 4 (for example). Can anybody here shed some light?
  3. Hi - i saw Very Murray Christmas and was really impressed with the sound. Live music, singing and drama, seamless and sounding great. Even a drum kit came out in one scene, couldn't see any mics on it but the rest of the scene seemed live. Nice work. Dave
  4. I tested my Eneloops 2450 mAh and Energiser Lithium on TRXLA 2.5 and 2.6. These times are the length of the file created on each unit's card. So basically we can bank on 4 hours and 6 hours... Eneloops {a} 4h22m {b} 4h33m {c} 4h01m {a} 4h27m {b} 4h25m {c} 4h09m Brand new Energizer Lithium {a} 6h31m {b} 6h46m {c} 6h20m Dave Further info HP70hz Notch OFF XR mono 50mw IFB RX Voting OFF RX-TX-OFF TX Power 0 IFB Control ON 2 mins record stop
  5. Yes, here it is - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Black-Nylon-Vertical-Holster-Belt-Clip-Case-Pouch-Accessory-for-iPhone-5-5S-/261576939265?ssPageName=ADME:L:OC:AU:3160
  6. I've had the laser thermometer out and here are the results... Measuring after unit is left on for an hour, sitting on a desk with ambient room temp around 25 (77)degrees, using eneloop pro batts. TRXLA @ 50 mw Top half front side(screen) 42 (107.6) Bottom, front (batts) 32.9 (91.2) Top, back 41.9 (107.4) Bottom, back 35 (95) SMQV @100mw An even 32 (89.6) all over, front, back, top , wherever. TRXLA @125mw Top half front side(screen) 44 (111.2) - peaking at 46.7 (116) right in the top corner Bottom, front (batts) 35 (95) Top, back 43.2 (109.7) Bottom, back 35 (95)
  7. Thought id share, modified mobile phone pouch for my TRXLA. Six bucks for the pouch and twenty bucks at the boot-maker to shorten them up.
  8. Ok, so update on recent usage. Ive been running the mics at 50mw under pretty much the same conditions (in belt packs, or on or close to skin, ambient exterior temp around 25-30 degrees(77-86)) and have had no complaints about heat. Even when i prompt talent asking were the packs hot, they all say no, so very happy about that. Ive been using the black eneloop rechargeable batts which i am also very happy with, getting a minimum 5 hours per charge.
  9. Thanks for all that, ill drop down to 50mw and use the power roll function. Thank you.
  10. Thanks everyone - Jose and Jack are you running at 50 or 125?
  11. Pindrop what battery life do you get out of those batts? Im using energiser lithium at 125mw. Hiro, do you find much difference in range between 50 and 125? I do use the zaxnet to put them to sleep and also change freqs. Ill check but im pretty sure i have all the zaxnet TC TX switched off on them.
  12. Hi, Ive got 4 of these mics and they get extremely hot. Ive tried different methods to keep them away from the skin a bit, but its common for me to see talent stressing over the packs. 7 years of lectro and never had this problem. Sure lectro can get hot too, but ive never seen talent start jumping round like i have the last few weeks since ive had them. Has anybody else experienced this extreme heat with the zax?
  13. It depends! Love it. Prahlad you and Senator have more in common than you think. To chime in on your OP i tell them the erx is for guide only but i suspect sometimes they use it.
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