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  1. The whole idea running in the social media circles is that viral loads / vaccinated can transmit just as much as the unvaccinated was based off a study that used Ct scores that measure the RNA of virus. Using Ct scores measures the viral RNA and does not exclude viral RNA that has been destroyed by the immune system. There are a number of studies you can read already showing that vaccination reduces transmission to the unvaccinated even with the Delta variant. Let's pretend with what you say is true about similar viral loads and unvacc'ed and vacc'ed are equal in transmission. First off, if you're vaccinated it reduces infection in the first place and therefore you can't transmit it. Secondly, you're likely to be ill and symptomatic for a shorter period of time when vaccinated which means a shorter time for transmission. Lastly, you can't claim the whole "similar viral loads" and then make the claim PCR tests are useless. They used PCR tests in the "similar viral loads" study. So you either believe in them or you don't. People seem to not be grasping the math and data involved when comparing the number of vaccinated people being infected and directly correlating that number to the unvaccinated. Just because 41% percent of people testing positive are vaccinated, it does not mean 41% percent of vaccinated people tested positive. With all the charts, graphs and numbers being thrown in our faces if the general population was good at math we wouldn't have this problem of misinformation being spread around and people believing it.
  2. Here's mine that I created last year. Probably not the most heavy duty but it's been holding up so far. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4399986
  3. I had this issue a few years ago. I can't remember if they had replacement rubber or knuckles with rubber but I ended up replacing all the collars with their newer machined ones. It was pricey so I'm going to lean on the side that they no longer have them in stock. I could be wrong. Like people have said once you're able to get in contact with them they should be able to help you out. I've generally had a good experience with their customer service.
  4. I agree with being able to move the plugin between devices. Even if those devices have to be registered with your SD account a certain number of days beforehand to prove that you own it. Having to purchase multiple instances for people that own multiple 8-series is a little much. It would also help people who have had their units stolen or lost.
  5. Cinela + Rycote Baseball for me.
  6. You have to use the imap updater along with the firmware file. Instructions are in the firmware user guide on the website.
  7. The short term fix is to slam the sticks real hard a few times but it'll still need to go back.
  8. I know it's low budget but you should try and ask them to get wood that is as dry as possible from a firewood supplier. Kiln-dried is better than seasonal dried but tends to be a bit more on the pricier end of things. The moisture is what causes the crackle and pops so hopefully they don't go out and grab freshly cut wood from somewhere or pieces that have been sitting out in the open for a long period of time.
  9. Unfortunately I can't find a video that's not embedded into facebook. In the demo it was an 8-series recorder and put into USB transfer mode. Then had to open a phone app to initiate. In the app you could edit metadata and playback as well. How is it different than pulling the card and using a laptop? Not sure. All for convenience I guess?
  10. A new video was uploaded by Viviana on Facebook of how it works. Interesting stuff. It's not really a cloud service though since you have to upload to dropbox or google drive via your local wifi network. One time purchase would be acceptable, but I can't see it being subscription based unless they provide their own cloud storage service.
  11. What's the 788T low voltage setting at? Then what's the voltage coming from the battery at?
  12. Definitely need more info. Off it's face from the video it looks like it's just a computer that will upload files to a cloud service and you can read the metadata off the files. I'd like to know if it has built in cellular capabilities or if you would need a wifi AP? What are the costs associated with the hardware and cloud service and what happens if you choose to use your own storage cloud service. Just too many questions to understand if it's useful or not since that can all be done with a laptop.
  13. Working great so far. This is probably a no due to Apple restrictions, but is it possible to bypass 'silent mode' and still play the tones? Also, as a suggestion, could you some how integrate FreqFinder to push custom freqencies?
  14. App seems to work fine. I'd love to see gain control if you could somehow make it work.
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