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  1. Unfortunately I can't find a video that's not embedded into facebook. In the demo it was an 8-series recorder and put into USB transfer mode. Then had to open a phone app to initiate. In the app you could edit metadata and playback as well. How is it different than pulling the card and using a laptop? Not sure. All for convenience I guess?
  2. A new video was uploaded by Viviana on Facebook of how it works. Interesting stuff. It's not really a cloud service though since you have to upload to dropbox or google drive via your local wifi network. One time purchase would be acceptable, but I can't see it being subscription based unless they provide their own cloud storage service.
  3. What's the 788T low voltage setting at? Then what's the voltage coming from the battery at?
  4. Definitely need more info. Off it's face from the video it looks like it's just a computer that will upload files to a cloud service and you can read the metadata off the files. I'd like to know if it has built in cellular capabilities or if you would need a wifi AP? What are the costs associated with the hardware and cloud service and what happens if you choose to use your own storage cloud service. Just too many questions to understand if it's useful or not since that can all be done with a laptop.
  5. Working great so far. This is probably a no due to Apple restrictions, but is it possible to bypass 'silent mode' and still play the tones? Also, as a suggestion, could you some how integrate FreqFinder to push custom freqencies?
  6. App seems to work fine. I'd love to see gain control if you could somehow make it work.
  7. I asked Ron 3-4 years ago about the old Power Star rack charging the PSC Pelican LiFE batteries. He told me it has a built in battery management board and it pretty much behaves like a lead acid battery. Plug and play connection, no need to adjust the charger on the Power Star rack and would work as is. So like @Derek H said, just as long as you're not drawing more than the charge rate you should be fine. I also have no clue about the RA ones.
  8. Utility wouldn't be able to use the Timecode Buddy app, because the TRX+ don't have wifi built in. Utility would need a Wifi Master, :pulse, or :wave on that follow cart to use the app. They could alternatively set the TC and UB within the TRX+ manually. So essentially you could go without the Wifi master, :pulse, or :wave and just go with 3 TRX+ if using the app isn't a deal breaker. The Wifi Master and TRX are from the same "family" so there shouldn't be problems in jamming units. It's been a while since I've used the wifi master and TRXs as I've moved on to :wave an
  9. TRX+ connecting to what model? Not entirely sure, but if I can remember you can do it, but you wouldn't be able to get blink data from it.
  10. Attach a small bluetooth speaker to your boom pole.
  11. @drpro @tincali You don't have to pry open the USOs like the TRXs. It's just the corner T5 torx screws and the nuts around the DIN conenctors. I've had to replace a screen after being dropped and was able to do it quickly. As for the switches, it may be the the piece that actually pushes the button getting stuck. Could need a new membrane? I haven't opened mine up in a while so I can't give a definitive answer. It's also a good idea to buy some sort of case for USO. A drop from 3 or 4 feet can crack the screen if you don't have a case. I don't know the options, but my problem with the of
  12. Shouldn't have any issues. You could even boot from it externally if you have an enclosure for it if you want to test it out.
  13. https://www.markertek.com/product/kng-206g-034-2n/kings-206g-034-00002n-din-plug-bnc-jack-inline-adapter-nickel I mean if you have bnc cables already or a crimper you can use them as an option. Much better than building and using DIN cables.
  14. You can also buy BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 adapters which is a godsend.
  15. You can try a legacy copy of Viscosity by Sparklabs. Not sure how secure or stable it is since it is on 10.6. https://www.sparklabs.com/viscosity/legacydownloads/
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