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  1. I was fortunate enough to be the 3rd boom op for a few days on the show. Geoffrey Patterson was the sound mixer, Jeff Humphreys was the boom op, and Chris Cooper was the 2nd boom/Utility. All top notch guys. Eric Ledet New Orleans, LA
  2. As RVD stated above, you need a lemo to lemo cable to jam two 788t's or the C-Link cable that comes with the 788t when purchased new. There is no BNC time code input/output on the 788t. There are BNC's near the timecode input, and I believe it says "sync" by them, but those are not for timecode, they are for word clock. Eric Ledet New Orleans, LA
  3. I worked for them about a month and a half ago. They paid in a timely manner. It's through the Maslow Media Group Payroll. They pay on the 15th and 30th of each month. Eric
  4. I had one of these years ago, so please excuse my lack of memory regarding the full menu, but as I recall there is a setting in the tc menu called freewheel that shows how many frames off the tc should get before it re-jams. If it is set to infinite, the p2 just jams once and then just keeps going. If you set it to 1 frame, it continually re-jams to the source when it gets off by 1 frame. I believe at 23.976 if it was set to infinite, the numbers after the decimal would just keep getting larger (3 digits and more). I should note that I always used an SB-3 with mine to keep it in sync. I was never successful just jamming and letting it run in the same way I do with my SD recorders.
  5. I just finished a film where the mixer was using a Cantar and we came across the same issues of burn time. Namely with the poly-rotate burn, the times for burning were just too long. We had production buy 2 hard drives, and would copy to the hard drive between takes. Then at the end of the day power down the machine, unplug, hand off, and go home. In the morning we would get a hard drive back, plug in, and go. It made life a lot easier and post was happy as well. After we started doing this we never heard a complaint about files not being able to be read or bad disks.
  6. Hi to All, I wanted to drop in and say that I am available for boom and utility work. I just moved to New Orleans, so if any NOLA mixers are here, I'm here and ready to work. I'm also free and willing to travel (I know a lot of you are L.A. Based). Feel free to contact me anytime. I am a Local 478 member as well. Thanks. eledet at dcpfilm dot com (904) 412-7410
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