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  1. Thanks for clarifying Jon, much appreciated. I do not have a 416 btw but love the Cs3e sound and I am very well aware of the MKH70 as I was booming with it for a fair amount of production days. There is no Cyclone for the 70 series ( including the 8070 ) as the trend for shotguns is moving towards more compact mics without the need of the long interference tube which made the more old school directional mics so special. Thanks for the time and attention to my post FF
  2. Thanks for getting back to me Jon and Pkautzsch Jon, I am more inclined towards the 70 as it is a mic that I 've used for many production days and very I am happy with the way it sounds when used on the hands of someone that is aware of the mic's idiosyncrasies. Price is not a real concern as the few times I tried to buy at a lesser standard that what I usually do, I had to pay for the real staff afterwards and deal with the issue of the lesser product, thus making the "cheap" option actually an expensive one as I had to add it to the real product + inherit the problem the cheap one left b
  3. Hi Jon, any particular reason on why you would reach out for the 70 versus the 8070 other than reach ? Checking the specs of both mics, even though the 8070 seems like an improved version of the 70 on paper, it is almost double in weight and even though the diameter is thinner it is indeed a longer mic than the 70. I am also wondering as to why the 70 is still over 30% more expensive than the 8070. What I am particularly interested in, is low frequency and standing waves handling from the capsule and interference tube it self ( not operator handling and rumble ), where I remember the 70
  4. Does anyone have actual on set experience with both mics ? Cons and pros based on their experience ?? It's kind of a rarity to find any users having experience in both mics and it looks like the 8070 hasn't managed to gather the niche film mixers that were fond of the 70. I 've heard A/B tests of both and have a fair amount of experience with the 70 but not the 8070. Even though the 8070 looks better on specs, I have to admit that I like the characteristics of the 70 over the 8070. Best FF
  5. Hi Christian Are you using the VCP-M1 ? There is no mention of a 9V powering possibility on the Kortwich site. All the Kortwich preamps seem to be powered only through a Hirose.
  6. A week ago, I used 9 tracks for a 2 people scene and they were all absolutely essential and part of the work flow. 1 Boom mic per character ( pretty close physically but different performances and loudness levels, plus one of the characters is a character with special needs and each take is a unique delivery ) + personals. Inside a semi open shed of a big back garden, Stereo mic for ext atmos and Mono mic for traffic, each on a different end of the garden. Mix Left >> Booms Mix Right >> Wireless It aint wrong, if it sounds right
  7. Thanks Constantin I 'll look into it and some other options I have in mind Appreciate your time and feedback Best
  8. Cool, I was not aware of this accessory How long does the battery last and which would be it's charge up time Constantin ? Thank you
  9. Thanks for the insight Constantin In my mind I was thinking that Digital preamps do not serve the sonic signature in the way that analogue do, especially since all the A/D is happening in the mic it self. Regarding the Neumann mobile unit, it's advantages include tweaking the limiter settings and a couple of more options which can be useful in extreme conditions, mot of the factory settings are best suited for the majority of circumstances. Best
  10. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with digital preamps and the various unique sonic elements that different brands offer. I 've tried a number of different analogue preamps in my life and can audition the differences of an SSL preamp and a more commercial Tascam preamp as well as the transparency of a Sonosax one but I am not much experienced on digital preamps. Has anyone compared the digital preamp offerings from Schoeps, Lake People and Audio root ? I am particularly interested on compact preamp offerings rather than 1 U units. Is anyone aware of the current draw required f
  11. Wow ! The X3 is truly the equivalent of a trusty film camera for sound recorders ...
  12. Hands down the K-Tek is the best harness I 've used up to now, breathable and some levels up from the trusty Versaflex I 've been using for some years.
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