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    I am a location sound recordist and post production mixer. Working on corporate, online & commercials for location and features, factual & dramas in post as an ADR recordist & post production mixer.
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  1. Thanks for all your help everyone. Ive called the nice man at Richmond Film Services and its getting sent off to be diagnosed.
  2. Im trying with both powered on, i have put it right up to the window on both but still the same error message. The actual IR switcher is beaten up, maybe that is the problem. I will change the battery out and try that. No i havnt tried it with another set as i only have one set unfortunately. Has anyone had the error message before? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello everyone. Sorry if this is a repeat of pervious posts, although i can't seem to find any. I bought some Audio LTD 2040's and the signal is intermittent between the TX and the RX. Its like it gains signal then looses it straight away. I have the Switch-IR key fob that is supposed to be able to change frequencies with, but it doesn't seem to read the TX or RX. Has anyone had any problems like this before. Thanks, Mathew
  4. Hey guys, its good to see some guys using SQN's, i have a 4s II, a bit old but does the job, i want to be able to record all the channels but as there are no direct outs on all channels, this will prove hard. I am using a Tascam DR100 at the moment. I was wondering if there is a way of making cables that go to both mixer and recorder, or get something like an SD744T and use the main outs as a set of preamps. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mathew
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