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  1. All NoiseAssist processing is done in realtime internally in the 8-series ... This is a very complex algorithm that has taken a long and intensive development to get it to suppress noise effectively with only 1ms latency.
  2. The way to view NoiseAssist, is it's simply another tool in your toolbox which you can use when in a situation where you can't escape the background noise e.g. distant traffic or air conditioning. And like all processing (EQ, compression gating etc), do not over apply - it can then be very effective. It can be applied to ISOs or Mix buses or both. Paul
  3. The ability to record in 32-bit float is a future possibility on the 8-series.
  4. Paul Isaacs


    Mano - you are correct! Blue allows you to create mixes independent of the pre or post fader gains feeding the main mix. This technique is often used for creating custom monitor mixes for musicians but could also be useful for creating personalized IEM feeds on set.
  5. No. The SL-2 is powered by the 8-series via the interconnect.
  6. 16 ISOS can be sourced from any of 12 analog inputs (8 balanced mic/line + 4 unbalanced line), 10 AES inputs (once the 8ch AES optional accessory comes out), plus 16-ch Dante.
  7. It doesn't. This is an error in the specs. We'll fix it soon. yes
  8. They are the same as Scorpio preamps, yes.
  9. Has anyone done rigorous testing with the Zoom at 192k 10 tracks yet? Curious how many people in general use 192 kHz with 8 tracks or more and in what application. BTW - Scorpio can do 18 tracks @ 192k and 36 @96k to SD cards. But that's a more powerful engine than MixPre as you'd expect.
  10. Thx for the link - good info. We'll take a deeper look. In the meantime, our Sound Devices approved card should work fine. From looking at the results in the link, it seems that 192kHz, 8 track is the point at which an issue might occur. 192k, 7-track seems good. We do suggest avoiding using microSD cards in adapters as that is introducing another potential bottleneck.
  11. Please let me know the exact model of SD cards have you experienced this with so that we can evaluate. Our Sound Devices approved SD SAM card works very well @192 kHz, 24-bit or 32-bit float, as well as many other cards we have tried. Thx
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