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  1. Thanks, cables isn't an issue as long as it's possible. Seems odd by zaxcom to reply with a contradiction to what is doable. well, I guess that answer the question then, mostly looking for the gain, freq and power roll functions of zaxnet but it's good to know that you could get the IFB to work when adding erx units?
  2. Could not find anything on this by doing a search, contacted Zaxcom and they said that the only way to get zaxnet compatibility with maxx is by going through a TRX900CL/IFB200, it this correct? But I remember seeing a picture of someone doing zaxnet just with just a 235 with QIFB, I guess zaxcom knows their stuff but I just want to check it with you guys if anyone has a straight answer?
  3. Tried again, it think it works now.
  4. My current bag. A Maxx in a petrol 607. 2x Audio ltd. 2040 wireless. 1x Audio ltd. 2020 wireless. 1x Lectro 205D 1x Lectro 210D 1x Sony UWP-D11 as a IFB.
  5. Looks great! Now people can sell me their analog 2040! http://www.audioltd.com There is some more pictures on their site.
  6. I was also looking to buy the larger TIG but this just got me sold! Where can I buy it and have it shipped to Sweden?
  7. Here's mine, might not be lightweight.. haven't weighed it yet but at least its small! 4 single receivers and Maxx powered by a single NP1, so far so good.
  8. A FP2 could just be a small 2-fader preamp with zaxcom style knobs, 2 XLR IN and a TA5 output. That would be great for me atleast.
  9. Looks real nice! Are the faders smaller on the FP8 or is that just an illusion? Planing a 2-fader version for the Maxx maybe?.. This makes me want to get a Nomad... Damn...
  10. TimB


    +1 on the 7506 with Beyer velour earpads! Also really like the 770 pro too, arn't as fatiguing as the 7506 can be sometimes.. But they are somewhat big when waveing your arms around your head in frustration.
  11. Hello all, great bags in this thread. This is my first kit.. ever! Been doing freelance sound for approx. 4 years now and I'm proud of my little set-up. May not be much but is enough for the one-man-band-gigs I do when I'm not part of a larger team. It's a Maxx in a 607 petrol bag with one lectro 411A/UM400a and one 210D/UM200c. Power distro is a hawk-woods NP-shoe hidden in front of the receivers with NP35 or NP65 batteries. MKH50 for boom and DPA 4061, Tram TR50 and Mickey Mic lavs. Can't really put anything else in the bag now though..
  12. Old post, I know.. But is was the only one i could find regarding the DPA 2011c. Its just a cardioid and not a hyper but has anyone used this on a pole? Interested in this because may want to buy this and the MMC4017 shotgun capsule, but i might guess the MMC2011is to wide unless your in a really controlled environment and close to the talent.
  13. Is that the case for Europe to?
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